Relationship Between Intercession and Intel

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One of the 2014 themes is to explore the “Search Party” vision released at MOAS. Each of us plays an important role in discovery as we walk through the territory we cover together and seek God’s heart and promises for this fertile ground.

In TWC, intercession and intel combine and intertwine throughout the Intel Gathering process. One does not exist without the other. Both are dependent, as they build layer upon layer. Intercession opens intel. Intel brings more intercession. More intercession expands the intel we already have and leads to focused, unified intercession with our crafted prayers. We continue to explore more of this relationship throughout the year in these updates.

As we move forward, we cover new ground, expand our search and provide valuable covering for Graham, Teresa and Team Brilliant. We step into wide- open spaces, pioneer expansion in our intercession and savor the time we spend walking with the Lord! With arms linked together, we partner to release a force of victory for our 2014 TWC kingdom assignments!

Question: What amazes you most about the connection between intercession and intel?