Season of Gathering

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October 2015

 Angela Taylor, one of our TWCers going through Intel Development Training (IDT) had this vision:


While worshipping I saw a huge wave building – a surfer’s wave. God’s voice was saying ‘The wave is building; the wave is building.’ He then took me out to sea, and I saw that the wave was being gathered and beginning to form and He showed me the wave beginning to rise and grow as it headed towards the land. He continued by saying ‘As you seek Me, as you worship Me, I am clothing you with power, I am clothing you with authority, and you will release My glory. It will be released like a mighty wave.’


This word, along with several other words we have seen through IDT, confirm that we are in a time of preparation for what comes next.  Just like a tsunami wave gathers its power by pulling the water away from the shore as it builds, we are in a time of pulling back to the secret place with God.  This is a moment to reach up to the Lord for precious time with Him and prepare ourselves for the time coming when we step into more: as individuals an as a community of warriors.  As we move into this next season, part of the territory we will explore is the equivalent of releasing the power of that wave to crash into beachheads held for so long.  We will seek to remove all evidence of what was there before and establish the spiritual infrastructure that territory was originally designated to hold…and open a way for freedom to step into the promises of God. 


As you walk through the next few months, you have the opportunity to step into a deep place of communion with God.  This is a place to find a new level of confidence, healing, resilience and resolve.  When it is time to move forward, we will do so on a massive, powerful wave of God’s love.   


Child, rejoicing in the promise elevates your circumstances to receive the favor that is present. Do not be tempted to consider how the promise will be realized. Instead maintain your focus on the faithfulness of the One who gave the word. Embrace the promise as a thirsty man drinks water. It is your life and health to believe My word. Your favor will increase in direct proportion to your belief in My promise. Therefore, My promise is a weapon in your hands. Take hold of it and use it against doubt and fear. To live by faith you must become preoccupied with Presence, focused on the promises and able to relax.”  Graham Cooke, “Thinking with God” 


Stay tuned for a time for current and IDT alums to get together and visit!