The Heart of Intel

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March 2015

“When we renew our mind, it is to bring it into alignment with His heart. We are heart people first.” – Graham Cooke, Prophetic Wisdom

Intel, at its basic level, taps into God’s heart. For each team assignment, the questions we ask for a community and for Graham point back to the goodness and kindness God desires to release. 

The intel process opens an opportunity for us to ask and listen, encouraging communication with the heart of God.

Ultimately, on an individual level, the process brings us into alignment with His love: in effect, what His love looks like and how He releases it for those who are His.

Yes, we do discover points of breakthrough, enemy tactics and things God plans to displace. But, in reality, this also shows God’s love to prepare us for the warriors we are and the game changers we are becoming. The love of God is interwoven through out the communication process and what we submit to our Team Leads. His love is the heart of intel.

Intel Question Exploration

What are the Promises for this Community?

This question can be answered from the lenses of (one or both) perspectives.

1. Impact: How do you feel God would identify the unique call this community holds in the kingdom? More specifically, what does this community bring to the table for the area and what is the intended impact God intends to make through this group?

2. God’s Nature, Fruit, or Persona: What is God releasing to this community to help them overcome past obstacles or prepare for upcoming challenges? What part of God’s nature is He planning to reveal to this group to provide the revelation needed for current and future spiritual growth?