The Journey Continues

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May 2016

Whatever God is, He is relentlessly. He is relentless against the enemy. He is a persistent warrior-King determined to release His people from bondage into victory.  Love is undeviating.  His faithfulness is so perpetual all we can do is give in to it. His promises are unbroken.  His joy continues unabated. His goodness is unstoppable…He is relentless in the most amazing and surprising ways. He is wonderful so that we might become full of wonder. “ — Graham Cooke Coming Into Alignment

Last week you received the newest training Journal on our Key Territories.  It is so exciting to see where we are right now!  We are at the point of our next breakthrough in intercession!  We have identified the territories and their areas of focus.  Now it is time to discover a better language to define them even further. 

With the journey beginning in July and over the next few months, we will all be like the Lewis and Clarke expedition.  Each person recording the journey so we can pull the information together for a better picture of each part of the land.  We will take internal and external ground.  We will explore what evidences we have of our transformation. Then we will continue to build on the foundation that is already laid. 

Next month you will get more information and tools for this journey.  Until then, continue to explore Training Journals 15 and 16 to become more familiar with the territories and what we have learned so far…a world of discovery awaits!