The three “P’s” of ABIDING

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The three “P’s” of ABIDING
By: Karleigh Wood
Director of Intel

In God’s brilliance, He placed us in Christ to live. The one person who understands everything we are facing and who is eager to provide all we need in Him.

This abiding place comes with
position, posture and practice.

The position to be sustained and enjoyed no matter what externally is coming at us is powerful. To allow our inner life to dominate our thoughts and actions so much that the inside impacts the outside. This is the overcoming and abundant life in Christ!

An aspect of being in the position is posture. The atmosphere of this place is prime for receiving. In order to do so, sometimes we need to renew our mind as we come into alignment. Alignment allows us to more fully receive all He has for us to walk out the predestined victory.

Lastly, how we choose to practice living out abiding in Him is key. Circumstances arise and come against our inner peace. Rest offers an opportunity to upgrade our abiding, our ability to receive under pressure, and the perceptions we take into circumstances.

May we continually grow in our position and posture to practice this amazing privilege to abide with Him!

– Karleigh

Warrior Declarations for:  ABIDING

Father, we are so grateful that You never leave us, nor forsake us.
Jesus, You are our Friend who is with us always, even to the end of the age.
Holy Spirit, You are the Indwelling Presence, our very present Helper, Teacher and Comforter that connects us with the heart of the Father and the mind of Christ.

We declare and release a profound sense of:
Hope in Christ that is fadeless under anything and everything that comes. Security in being the much-loved sons and daughters of God at all times. Secret Place-intimacy, peace and rest to be cultivated in every believer.

We lock up event-based dependencies; and with the keys of divine process, we release the joy of relational transformation.

Instead of fear of abandonment—confidence in the loving God who is ever-present.

Instead of depending on the next event—joyful, proactive personal responsibility for life in God.

Instead of passive participants in worship—active worshippers engaged daily with the God who adores them.

We ask in the name of Jesus, that all people would encounter and come to know these truths. That the eyes of their hearts would be enlightened; re-forming their perceptions, mindsets, language and actions to align with the mind of Christ and the heart of the Father.

And empowered by the Holy Spirit, to revolutionize their families, communities and regions with how present You really are and how beloved we are each created to be.
That life on earth would be as You see it in heaven for us and all believers.