Training Calls

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Training Calls

By Christine Casten
Executive Director of TWC

Prophetic intercession is one of the main components of our TWC identity. Over the course of time, the word “Intel” has become the word we use to describe this area. Intel has always been an important part of our training and we have developed and grown greatly in our prophetic capacity because of it.

Over the years we have asked the questions:
Is there something more we can offer through this intercession process?
Is there a different approach or one that is more effective?
How can The Warrior Commission tap into Kingdom DNA and see intercession from a heavenly perspective?
We have seen it transform, build and morph over the years into what it has become today through its development, we discovered the Key Territories and now are learning and exploring each one. We have just tapped the surface of what they are and the transformation they bring.

Each month the Intercession Update is focusing on one of our Key Territories. This month is on Empowering Grace and the New Testament Nature of God. (see links to Training Journals 15 and 16 in the side bar for more).

For a better understanding and an opportunity to ask questions, we have training calls in April for our Warrior and Champions teams.

For Warrior Team, we have an “International Friendly” call time on where we will explore the Key Territory of Empowering Grace and the New Testament Nature of God. (TWC and Me with Christine Casten) on April 7th at 12 pm PST.

For Champions Team, we have an overview of intel, its progression/development and more about how the Key Territories birthed out of it. (Intel and Key Territories in TWC) on April 7th at 5 pm PDT.

– Christine