Training to The Possibilities Rather Than to the Familiar

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July 2015

We do not try to reinvent the wheel.  However, we do attempt to upgrade the wheel and develop new designs using the wheel we have!  This is where the brilliance of God comes forward. This is where the blueprints of heaven are pulled down and used. This is where we look for what is possible and move beyond the familiar comfort of our past. 


We do not train to the familiar, we train 

to the possibilities.


Part of training to the possibilities involves prophetic wisdom.  To train to toward what is coming means we have to have a glimpse of what that might look like, how it might operate and how we can integrate it into our culture.  We are constantly looking toward what is possible and aligning our company of warriors with that vision.  This is the reason we remain fluid and flexible.  We must, if we are to develop into the fullness of the community God plans! 


As we continue to seek out our upgrades in intel, we are building on what God established.  To reach into new territories in our intercession, we are exploring new concepts and formats revealed to us through the dreams and visions God is releasing. Our next step is to train to those possibilities so when God’s perfect timing occurs we are ready to step into the upgrade. 


How is your intel process maturing?  What is growing or shifting in you that creates more detailed and accurate information for your intel assignments?