TWC in my Dreams

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Dreams are funny things. Some release amazing insight for destiny, relationship, direction, etc. Others come because of that pizza (or fiery salsa) at dinner. But, those with meaning are often full of objects, people and amazing background settings.

Sometimes, our TWC community shows up in dreams. What does that mean? If TWC is in the dream, the question becomes, “Is this dream for me or for Me/TWC?” Reread the dream and go through a little background work.

Background Work:

Who is the central figure in the dream? Me or TWC?

Where am I in the dream? Am I seeing the dream from far away or experiencing it as if it is happening to me?

Am I talking with TWC-ers? Anyone specific or am I observing something we are doing or is happening?

If you are the central figure of the dream, most likely, that dream is for you. TWC (or other people) in dreams probably represents part of the revelation of the dream. It may be a mindset or wisdom shared at one point. Understanding these pieces of revelation help you unpack the dream with the Lord.

If after asking these questions, you feel like the dream is for TWC, please send it on to your coach. When you send it please include a summary of any insight you have on how you feel this dream pertains to TWC or a specific kingdom assignment. We have received amazing direction and perspective from the Lord through dreams submitted through TWC!