What Does It Mean If My Intel Is Returned to Me?

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Everyone is doing a fabulous job on the intel process. At times, we may send intel back to an individual or team for additional processing. So, this brings up the question: What if I get intel returned with a request to process further?

First of all, if your intel is returned, this does not mean your intel stinks or is rejected! If that is your first thought, take it captive and give it back to the enemy! Then have a better thought…like…“Oh, look! Here is some of my intel. Coolness! This intel is causing a prophetic ‘buzz’ in my fellow warriors!” In other words, something about that piece of intel looks like a promising treasure.

Returning it to you is our way of honoring both you and the Lord. It gives you another chance to think about it and explore it with the Lord. We are giving you, the one who heard it first, the opportunity to tell us any thoughts you might have on it that will help us expand our understanding of what the Lord is releasing.

After you spend time in rejoicing and quiet, if you do not have anything further, no pressure and no worries! If you do get something else to add, it simply enriches the intel even more! This is all part of our process and journey into unchartered territory. We walk the journey together into places full of treasures yet to be explored!

For more on how to expand your intel, check out Training Journal #4 ‘ The Voice of the Lord’ – pgs. 3-4 for Graham’s article and pg. 5 on “Applying Your Learning”