What to Do When the Spigot Stops Flowing?

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Whoa! Wait a minute! Where did it go? This is the moment we realize the flow of a spiritual gift is just…not there. We look around and wonder what happened? There is no flow, no drip: nothing!

For many, our first response is to fix it. We search our brains, thinking if we identify the sin, we can repent and life will go back to normal. There are times when this is an appropriate response, but often we are so focused on identifying our sins (the negative), we actually miss an amazing blessing!

God created us to walk in fullness. But, when He formed us, He made certain gifts stronger and others weaker. Given a choice between flowing in a stronger gift and trying to work through a weaker one…well, it is not brain science to know which one we choose! God knows our preferences. But, He desires growth in all areas and may temporarily shut off the flow of that stronger gift. In other words, the spigot stops flowing! We get focused on the fact that the gift is not working and spend time trying to reopen the spigot.

We have heard the saying, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” Holy Spirit distributes the flow of the gifts in us. “I Corinthians 12:11 But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one (spiritual gifts) individually as He wills.” (NKJV-emphasis added) So, if He turns off the spigot flow in one area, then He usually increases the flow in another. It is our joy to look for the flowing spigot and tap into it!

In the prophetic, He may shut off the flow of a “Seer” gift and open a “sensor/feeler” gift. Or He may shut down the prophetic flow and open the flow of a mercy gift, discernment gift, etc. It is a bit disorienting for us. We are not used to getting revelation in this way. We wonder, “How do we flow in this ‘different’ information?” God knows and wants to teach us: the perfect opportunity for conversation! Holy Spirit teaches us how to flow in this gift. We learn to trust Him in new ways and connect to and understand how this gift works.

The greatest blessing is this: Trust is built, not in the gifts, but in the One who gives them to us. In time, and as we grow in the new gift, He often turns the spigot (for the stronger gift) back on and we can operate in both more fluidly.

If we are in a time when the spigot is turned off, it is an opportunity to discover a new flow. We get the chance to expand into new areas and learn more about how to flow with Holy Spirit. We journey into a new place of relationship and discovery with the Lord!

Question: If your spigot has stopped flowing, what new flow are you discovering?