Working as a Team

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The Processing Questions allow each of us to “unpack” what God releases into our hearts. These questions also provide a framework for us to consolidate and develop large volumes of information as more intel is added at each stage of the journey.

Remember the Search Team visual for our TWC community?

(If not, check out the article in Training Journal 11 – “The Culture of Prophetic Intel”).

When someone is missing in the wilderness, people will come out to search for that person. One search technique is to lock arms and sweep the area. With locked arms, they begin to strategically walk the ground in a grid pattern. Each person is only responsible for the area in front of them; only what they can see. As the team moves forward, they make sure no ground is missed. As they walk, no stone is left unturned.

Through the TWC intel process, we ready the ground at each event. Graham steps into his kingdom assignments knowing our unified prayers have strategically swept through and covered the territory. The intel process fortifies the atmosphere to receive God’s promises for hearts of all attending or sharing in the CD/DVD experience.


They’re coming! The Team Brilliant Events arriving soon…coming in 4 Installments: Bellevue! Dallas! Anaheim! Orlando! We ride the wave of intercession in a way we never have. We are in the pipeline of prayer and hanging in that sweet spot of powerful intercession.

(Bonus: you can use these ideas for other TWC Intercession, too!)

So here are 5 ways to stay on your surfboard of prayer!

  • Craft the Prayer! Agree and Decree by writing out your crafted prayer.
  • Get the App! Download Christian prayer apps like Prayer Pro that have windows where you can download prayer points and carry them with you.
  • Set the Alarm: Most of us have smart phones or computer calendars where we can set reminders. Those pop up alerts will turn your focus from a “business as usual” to a “warrior mindset!”
  • Play the Game: While you are in the car, pray for one of the events below every time you stop at a red light. Red light=Radical and Overcoming. Pray for Graham and TB every time you go through a green light. Green light=Graham
  • Location, Location, Location! Put your crafted prayers and prayer points in visible places: bathroom mirrors, car dashboards, and refrigerators. And print out the four dots representing the TB events on some paper and put them in your wallet or purse, tape them to your steering wheel or put them anywhere your eyes will see them!