Intel Ambassadors

Spiritually, these ambassadors are scouts who discover what happens when Warriors train on the ground of intercession with the Lord. They help us capture our prophetic information and put it into formats we can all steward, specifically in the area of Impact Prayers.

The Warriors who step into this “behind the scenes” (and spiritual front lines) special forces group have a passion for Intel. Each has some proficiency in the prophetic, but all are learning and developing in this area, too. It’s a real time, specialty training. Each of these Intel Ambassadors volunteer their time to process our Intel and help create Blueprints.

Those who are part of Intel special forces commit to monthly meetings and additional assignments for our Blueprint projects. All have completed Intel Development Training (IDT) and are committed to ongoing training in this area of focus.

They have an invitation to take on special tasks, in addition to their current training level/module focus, such as:

  • Creating Impact Prayers for a prayer focus or TWC Blueprint*
  • Processing the Intel (gathered from our Warriors)
  • Developing ongoing training and providing support for the TWC community in the area of Intel.

For more information on the process of this area of specialty training, make sure you have completed Foundations 1-6/Level 1 training and Intel Development Training. 

Once you have completed these prerequisites, you can connect to our Intel Ambassadors  for more information through the Intel email at

*Prayer Focus: A prayer focus can include prayers for TWC, specific leaders or areas within TWC, or can cover some of our Blueprints (Outreach in Strategic Intercession) for running mates and partners/friends in many different areas of influence in the body of Christ.