Joyful Acts of War

Joyful Acts of War:  Expanded information on crafted prayers and additional crafted prayers for Graham, Theresa, and the Brilliant Community.

Overview:  TWC Joyful Acts of War

1. To gather what we believe to be what heaven is praying, and praying with that in joy, passion, peace and confidence in Christ.

2. To pray with one heart, one mind and one voice across The Warrior Commission.

3. To create reservoirs of prayer in each of our Kingdom Assignments that we can connect with now and in the future.

4. To compile our crafted prophetic intercession in one document for easy reference in prayer and devotion.

5. As a springboard for further expansion of our intercession.


TWC prophetic intel and intercession from 2011 through 2016 Devotional Crafted Prayers from Graham Cooke and Allison Bown


If you feel you have an additional contribution, see the instructions on the last page of this document for how to share your insights.


How we approach prayer means everything. While we have intentionally crafted our prayers and prayer points, intercession is an intimate, personal encounter between you and the Holy Spirit. Follow His lead. Allow Him to sort, choose and enrich your focus. Envision the TWC army you are a part of and the delight of the Father in your voice at all times.

Be joyful. Remain in rest. Dream big. Smile often.