Key Territories

The History of Our Key Territories of Inheritance

Our two questions of exploration:

“What do the Key Territories of Inheritance mean for TWC?” and

“How will The Warrior Commission live out the legacy we carry (through the Key Territories) to see Kingdom Impact?”  

Intercession has long been a part of The Warrior Commission.

Brief History: The discovery of the Key Territories came about during TWC’s formative years as we realized we were beginning to see patterns in the Intel. As we took the Key Territories for a spin, we recognized the Kingdom inheritance they could offer others. They carry a Kingdom impact for individuals, cities, regions, nations and continents.

We began to ask: “What do the Key Territories mean for TWC?” 

We know God has a specific plan for heaven to come to earth for a person/place and we realize the Intel we collect hits the target. After exploring these territories for years we understand God is allowing us to discover something that has the potential to impact Kingdom intercession. What that impact is continues to unfold.

For you, personally: We believe God offers an invitation to more. He grants you permission to identify the Promise each Key Territory represents. He empowers you to take the territory of your internal ground, first, followed by the encouragement to make a difference in your areas of influence.

The Warrior Commission: God has positioned us, through our unique Intel Blueprints, to pour into leaders He reveals and draws to us. These Blueprints are also relational opportunities to interact with, support and encourage the sons and daughters of God to rise. We have created and shared Blueprints with leaders who are active in multiple areas of influence, continents, countries, regions and cities.  

The legacy we carry, through the Key Territories and process of developing these Blueprints, includes our Kingdom Culture and DNA. Blueprints are invitational, process based prophecy…not something many have ever seen before. But, through the feedback we have already received, leaders are drawn into the heart of God and encouraged in ways they have difficulty putting into words.

Moving from the place of relationship with God, we continue to develop our understanding and application of these targets. They are still emerging as we take the time to explore each one and learn how to integrate them into our hearts and minds.  We have just begun tapping into the momentum they carry as we apply them through each unified Prayer Focus. But, more than that, we are seeing them reorganize themselves as we continue to explore them through our Blueprints.

The Eight Key Territories are as follows:

  • New Man and a Present/Future lifestyle
  • Empowering Grace and the New Testament Nature of God
  • Joyful Intentionality
  • Fullness and Abundance
  • Limitless Possibilities
  • Abiding
  • Identity in Christ
  • New Testament Prophetic Culture

For more information on each one, turn to our Training Journals