Key Territories/TJs #15 & #16


Below are links to the Training Journals covering our Key Territories. Learn more about each territory as it relates to you personally and as it relates to our kingdom assignments. (link to Intercession/Kingdom Assignments)

Training Journal #15 – Key Territories: Taking Your Internal Ground

The Story and Journey of Key Territories, page 2

Key Truths for Establishing Your Internal Territory, page 5

Key Territories:

New Man, page 10

Grace, page 13

Joyful Intentionality, page 16

Fullness, page 18

Possibilities, page 21

Abiding, page 24

Identity, page 27

NT Prophecy, page 30

The Two Way Street of Intel Development, page 32

A Prophetic Word for an Overcoming Life, page 33

Final through: What is an Upgrade?, page 37

Training Journal #16 – Key Territories: Strategic Intercession (need file)

Changing the Game in TWC Intercession: Reservoirs, page 2

Army and Family, Graham Cooke, page 3

Is TWC and Army or Family?, page 7

Intercession with Key Territories, Allison Bown, page 9

Key Territories:

New Man, page 13

Grace, page 16

Joyful Intentionality, page 19

Fullness, page 22

Possibilities, page 26

Abiding, page 29

Identity, page 32

NT Prophetic, page 35

The Journey of Intel, Christine Casten, page 38

Prophetic Meditation, page 40