How Intel Works and Intel FAQs

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  • What is “prophetic Intel” in TWC
  • How does the process work? (Your Part)
  • How can I take my Prophetic Intel to the next level?
  • FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Prophetic Intel and Blueprints


It’s what we hear from God about the prayer focus your group is given in TWC.

How does the process work? (Your Part)

Our prayer process moves beyond prayer and resides deeply rooted within our relationship with the Godhead. It seeks to better know His heart, His desires and the wonderous ways with which He works within our lives.

It is our joy as spiritual Kingdom warriors to discover more about Him and follow the model Jesus lived in interceding for others. We relish living our lives as an act of intercession to bring heaven to earth and see His Kingdom come.

  • Our approach involves several stages and components. Initially, a group of people pray for the Prayer Focus* over the course of four weeks with some questions to guide and extract impressions the Lord is bringing forth at this time. (Round 1 and Round 2)
  • Next, we have a group who specializes in processing all the prophetic collective wisdom. They extract, distill and build upon the main elements that seem to be on God’s heart for that Prayer Focus.
  • From there, they piece together a progressional understanding of signposts within the Intel journey.
  • Lastly, they form a targeted prayer specifically crafted with the key elements we feel He desires.
  • As one voice praying together in our community, we partner with the Lord in what He is releasing.
  • Our role is to scout the territory and begin the launch. We expect the people in the Prayer Focus/Blueprints will transition this to be shared with their personal prayer covering and others, as they see fit. We have found this produces powerful shifts from the Kingdom here on earth.

Our desire is to equip and support each person behind the Prayer Focus through prayer with a strategic way to partner with God; often resulting in what is needed in this season for transformational change and even greater Kingdom impact.

Within the overview (Blueprint) we give to the people behind each Prayer Focus, we include specific pieces of Prophetic Insight we feel the Lord releases. These pieces are both current and to come. The Blueprints include Crafted Prayers of Impact and declarations of partnership as they process through it.

*The Prayer Focus changes from one Intel Gathering Process to another.  Each Focus is targeted to support and undergird apostolic-minded leader(s) in the body of Christ with our prophetically inspired intercession “blueprint.”

We value anonymity of those we pray for and create an Intel code for each Blueprint. We do not reveal their names for several reasons:

  • We value a pure prophetic process. Knowing too much information can skew the prophetic and how we filter it.
  • We do not want to move from judgment of likes or dislikes. Knowing who we are praying for and researching them only creates opportunities to manufacture information rather than truly hearing God’s heart for them.
  • We value the privacy of those we encourage. We consider all those who God connects to us for this process a famous in heaven. Some will also be famous on earth, but we do not want to give preference toward any individuals based on what is seen or known.
  • Intel is a training ground for hearing from God and a safe place to practice and focus beyond ourselves. It encourages us to grow and develop, knowing we are part of a group and it is not dependent on one person. We have the freedom to stretch, take risks and grow in prophecy and intercession.

The purity of our process is greatly valued by those behind our Blueprints. It frees them from wondering if the information is from a pure flow and creates a greater connection to God’s heart, as they see His passion for them.


How can I take my Prophetic Intel to the next level?

After you become familiar with the process, we want to give you opportunities to continue to grow in the prophetic and in the Intel process. The Advanced Training Modules, Crafted Prophetic Words and TWC Prophetic Intercession and Intel, are designed to create a foundation and connect you to the beginning stages. Also, Intel Development Training is a Specialty Training Designed to give you opportunity to work with others through the Intel Process and explore it through practical activations. And here are a few other suggestions for you to explore:

  • Ask for more specific details from the Holy Spirit. If you hear it is a time of strategic breakthrough for the Prayer Focus, ask
    • What are the strategies?
    • What is the key obstacle?
    • How the breakthrough will come?
    • Stretch your prophetic gift asking detailed questions.
  • Focus on a region/city that is part of our prayer focus — You may not know the actual region, but you can ask the Lord these questions anyway…
    • What are the promises over the region?
    • How has the enemy held people captive?
    • How does God want to captivate them instead?
    • What kind of obstacles can be expected and how are they overcome?
  • Listen and develop words beyond your Prayer Focus Invitation. Ask for prophetic words:
    • Dreams, songs, visions, movie scenes, etc.
    • Additional information not covered through the questions

Focus on your prophetic development through your exploration of intimacy with God in the various trainings within TWC and by using other prophetic resources. Become a passionate student of the prophetic. Practice, practice, practice with friends, in your community and other opportunities God gives you to positively communicate His heart to others.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Prophetic Intel


Remember that God loves the relationship with you as we ask, seek and knock. Read the Training Journal 10: Always Getting Answers – page 6. Often, we are putting in the time that develops our sensitivity to hear.

Also, take risks and give what you get. “Hearing” may not be an audible voice of God, but a sensing or feeling. Seeing or hearing something directly has no greater value than an inner knowing. God has a variety of ways of communicating.

Stay at rest. Be at peace and enjoy the time with God – not for the out-come of getting something but for the relationship. We hear best when we are in a place of peace. It’s His responsibility to talk. Ours is to be available.


Did I get it right? That’s the question of the day… the question everyone wants to know about intel submissions.

We’ve all asked it even if we never spoke it out loud. The culture of the world tells us the “right answer” is the only answer. But, what if it is not…what if our concern for looking for the “right” answer causes us to be so constrained that our prophetic flow almost stops and we limit ourselves from the freedom of exploration?

What if…and this is a big one…What if we simply trust that God will give us the best answer for that moment in time? In Matthew 7:9, He promises not to give us a stone if we ask for bread…If we embrace this thought, then the journey moves us away from focus on ourselves and what others think, to deepening in our relationship with our Beloved. The perspective becomes a journey into learning how to hear God’s heart better and expressing His promises and provision in a fuller way.


Use the Intel Processing Questions as your guide.

Look for key words and phrases.

Make every word count.

Refine for meaning – not retelling the image or story behind it. All we need is what it means… and that’s a process you’ll learn as you go.

Pretend you only have a postcard to give us. What would you put on it?

AFTER you have attempted to refine, ask the Intel Coaches for coaching, if you need more help… but kindly don’t hand them your unrefined Intel and expect them to edit it.


Yes! What seems small to you may be hugely helpful to us. And every opportunity you take to practice contributes to your development. What you share may be confirmation, expanded or supported in another way through all the submissions collected. (i.e. collective wisdom)

Who wins with the thought “My piece doesn’t count.”? Not God. No matter what the outcome is of your Intel process, you are waging war by embracing your significance in the good fight.


Most often – you won’t. It’s the life of a spy who gathers their piece and passes it along, not always seeing the outcome.

Although we do share feedback from those who are part of our Prayer Focus, we are rarely able to give specific feedback on the impact of each piece sent in. But, we contribute to encourage the body of Christ, practice connecting to God’s heart and what He wants to share, and develop our ability to partner with His promises and provisions for others.


It can happen quickly or take the full time of each Round of Questions. It’s your choice as to how much you wish to invest in the process and refinement…and how the Holy Spirit is working with you.

Most of all – ENJOY it! It is a process that makes us rich in fellowship with God, increased sensitivity to the Spirit and the joy of living in the clash between two Kingdoms.

How is the prophetic insight, or Blueprint, created?

We have a team of people who have a passion for Intel. Many of these Warriors have training in prophetic intercession within TWC and have a natural skill set to expand and build on the prophetic information collected through our Intel Gathering Process.  Some of these skills are developed and some are how God created them, but most did not realize they had these skills until they took those skills for a spin.  They “flexed their Daniel muscles” through participating in the invitation to gather intel and then took if further through Level 2 training and Intel Development Training.

What is the Intel Code?

We create an Intel Code to distinguish between our different Prayer Assignments. Often the Blueprint will contain 1-3 Crafted Prayers of Impact that come out over the course of time. We may also have several Prayer Focuses going on at the same time. We create a way to refer to each one and maintain the integrity in the process.  We value the purity of our prophetic process. The people we pray for are all well known in heaven, they may or may not be well known on earth. We choose to keep them anonymous so our prophetic flow is not skewed by what we already know or can research.