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In The Warrior Commission, we open space for you to stretch and grow. We believe you have it in you to train in many different areas and many different ways. As most of our Warrior Coaches and Leaders have discovered, all of TWC is a training ground, and that includes leadership. Currently, The Warrior Commission offers quite a few volunteer based, leadership roles, but we continue to expand these opportunities as the Lord opens new areas of exploration.

We value your training and seek to create safe environments to learn, develop and, yes, even “fail.” Of course, we know that no matter how big the “oops,” the only failure is if we do not learn something from the experience. Descriptions of the leadership roles and additional information regarding applications and eligibility are below.

Our Warrior Coaches may choose to specialize in a specific area of training or may have a broader focus across TWC. Some specialize in specialty (special forces) training, such as Lead Coaching (coaching leaders), Intel and Champion Training.

We feel each time a leader trains in that leader role, the Lord takes them through a new learning curve and stretches them in their own walk with Him.

Additional leadership roles connect to our members in different ways: Engagement Facilitators tap into an area of passion for their calls. They open the space for processing conversations related to that passion.

Connections Ambassadors engage with our members directly through writing to let them know we value them and give them a chance to ask questions.

All leaders are volunteers who hold an excitement to see each person in TWC rise. Each leader has developed a strong sense of dedication toward the purpose, Kingdom Assignments and Decisions that Define us in TWC, as a whole.

Each looks for the life in it and where the grace of God rests for them in the areas of their focus. Depending on which leadership role you step into, you may also receive additional Train the Trainer training at the beginning of your journey.

This training covers the technical details of holding calls and gmail. It also covers how to create training and feedback responses. A third area of focus is on learning styles and the different way Warriors are wired. If you are interested in becoming a leader in TWC, make sure you read through the information below to know what we are looking for in our coaches and facilitators.

The applications are under the Access tab/Applications deadlines for these can be found in the Warrior Update and the Frontline


A Warrior Coach is a leadership role in which you provide coaching and encouragement to a wide variety of TWC members from all parts of the world. You are able to offer general support as members process through their self-paced training. You are also able to participate in prophetic intercession through Intel Gathering, as well as specific training resources and interactions.


The following are coach responsibilities. When starting, some of our coaches realize they have no experience in these areas. THAT’S FANTASTIC! We love the learning! We are here to walk along side you. We are happy to train you. All you need is a willing heart and a lot of grace for yourself! At times, coaches will also partner as Warrior Buddies to help each other develop and process. In addition, our Lead Coaches meet with coaches individually and together, as smaller groups focused in a specific area of training, throughout the year. Each coach also gets one on one meetings with our various Directors 2-3 times a year.

How our Coaches pour into TWC:
  • Bring an atmosphere of invitation. Everything we do as leaders includes the invitation to more. We put the power of choice into the hand of each member. We do not seek to give them the answers, but share our journey and offer questions that gently encourage their journey and relationship with the Lord.
  • Willing to hold 3 calls each six month period of our TWC training year, i.e. 6 or more calls throughout the TWC training year. (You are always welcome to hold more and the training on those calls can be repeated.)
  • Develop your training call topic, questions and what you will share. Create a short video introducing your calls.
  • Write at least one article for our Frontline publication.
  • Post on the TWC Forum on the Website in various groups on the Forum. These posts all relate/refocus TWC on what God is doing through our training and can be original or responses to member posts, encouraging them in their process.
  • Rotation of our coaches through our Gmail account to help respond to emails and give feedback for training submissions
  • Attend the monthly Leadership Connect and Train Call, plus have a monthly call with a Lead Coach.
  • Explore the joy of all our life experiences. Love the learning and know it is through process that we become more like the One we behold.
Areas of focus/specialization
  • Foundations, Stages 1 or 2 – Helping our New Members acclimate, find their fit and get ready for the climb. These coaches have a passion to set the atmosphere of joy, loving the learning, empowerment of flipping negatives and living a warrior lifestyle.
  • Foundations, Stages 3-6 Identity (revised Level 1) – Enhancing the journey into deeper relationship with God and identity in Christ. How well we know the Triune God and how confident we are in who we are allows us to become the history makers and warriors we were meant to be.
  • Advanced Training Various areas of focus. These coaches train to the exploration of spiraling up the mountain at ever higher altitudes. They encourage taking the risks of going deeper, wider, and higher through our relationship, mindsets and perspectives with/of God. See Advanced Training Tab
  • Creativity and Worship – these are newer areas of training focus for coaches and we continue to explore how to encourage and train in these areas. Often, they are integrated into another one of these focuses.
  • Specialty Training See Specialty Training Coaches below and the leader roles they support.
  • Intel Development Training – Boiled down, this coaching is about helping others hear and interpret what God is sharing with them better.  It opens the door to others and how to recognize the encouraging heart of God. Through this training, we coach to the significance of the one word, phrase and how it can become a matured word that encourages, exhorts and urges others forward.  Then, how to partner with the momentum of heaven and God’s heart through intercession. This is a training where we begin to move from personal to others focus. Intel training is needed to be an Intel Coach.
Your development as a leader is key to us. We want to see YOU grow as a Kingdom leader and coach through this opportunity. Specialty training, coaching and continued development will be offered so that being a Warrior Coach becomes your training ground for a brilliant relationship with God. Being a Warrior Coach is very much like being a Warrior member: the experience will be what you make of it. Initially, we will focus on the basic elements listed above, but you always have the freedom to dream and develop other areas with Lead Coaches and TWC leaders that contribute to the Warrior Team experience. It’s through this dreaming process some of our newest areas, or upgrades in current areas have started.

Specialty Training Coaches

Our specialized training coaches have additional training in their areas of focus. All have completed the training they coach and/or have additional experience along with a passion to raise and launch others around them.

These specialized training areas include coaching for the following: Champion Training, Intel Development, Connections Ambassadors, and Engagement Facilitators.  Each area has unique characteristics or responsibilities tailored to the focus that may, or may not, include the Warrior Coaching responsibilities.

Champion Team Coach

As a Champion Team Coach, you will have the privilege of working directly with a small team of up to 15 members who have chosen a more focused TWC development experience. Your role will be as a primary mentor and coach as they move through the four Focuses in this year long training. We have found having 2 coaches in this role, per team, is helpful to navigate and share the coaching responsibilities in this more targeted training. In this role, you will

  • Hold a monthly conference call with your Champion Training members
  • Host a general Champion Training Alumni call
  • Post regularly to the closed Champion Team Facebook page
  • Encourage your members in their completed Focuses & give feedback
  • Help your members develop their own contributions to TWC, specifically in the spring of the training year.
  • Review your personal submissions from your completed Champion Training to see the continued personal upgrades and shifts, along with recognizing some of the challenges members of your team may be facing in that Focus.
  • Receive specialized training in mentoring and discipling as you connect monthly with one or more Directors to review the training process and encourage your own personal growth
Intel Development Coach

Intel Coaches have specific skill sets in the prophetic. Some may be trainers, processors, prophetic builders, writers, etc. but all have a passion for the amazing journey that comes in TWCs prophetic intercession, or Intel, process. These coaches have completed Intel Development Training. In the process of discovering their best fit for their Intel passions, each has often spent countless hours exploring and training in a myriad of skills and gifting through different aspects of our Intel Gathering to Blueprint process. In TWC, we have many different expressions of prophetic intercession, which means we have many different opportunities for a wide variety of Warriors, to train through the way God wires each one. Much of our Intel process is behind the scenes.  But, we have Intel Coaches who help TWC Warriors learn the unique process of our prophetic journey.  As our value for our training in TWC, we desire each aspect of training will benefit you, whether you find it is your “Fit” or not.

Special Leader Roles and their Coach

Connections Ambassador

The Connections Ambassadors (CA) are supported by coaches who have developed a deep sense of the TWC Kingdom Culture we continue to explore and establish. Decisions That Define Us, Kingdom Assignments and TWC Values and Principles are areas CA’s and their coaches develop as foundational knowledge through their roles. Each CA learns how to encourage grace-filled, process based responses through the correspondence and interactions with our Warriors. Each CA leader has a passion to bring about stronger connections and community one warrior at a time.

Engagement Facilitator

Engagement Facilitators are supported by a specialty coach. The EFs have the opportunity to learn how to ask upgraded questions and how to stimulate conversation in a conference call format.  By participating in calls and pouring into the processing aspects of those conversations, the EF coach works closely with each Facilitator to continue to develop the skills of drawing out conversation.  The pace of these calls is different from a training call, so it is often a great conversation of exploration and idea generation with each facilitator.  These coaches also have the opportunity to open the space for these conversations among the team of facilitators, who meet as a unique specialty team.

  • Time frame of commitment: 1 year (annual) and can be renewed upon request.
  • When applications are due for new coaches: Check the Warrior Update and Frontline for this information. Or, email your TWC coaches at twc.warriorepic@gmail.com
  • What is required for eligibility: Completed Foundations Training, through Level 6, or Level 1, and have completed Leadership Development Training Part 1. 
  • Additional training for all new Coaches:  Coaches Training: the Art of Coaching which runs for 1 year beginning in July of each training year. This training has 6 months of training, then 6 months of practical application. After this training you may apply to be a Coach. If you have completed any version of LDT, and would like to be a coach but have not done Coaches Training, please email your current Director of Member Development at twc.warriorepic@gmail.com

Find out more information about Connections Ambassadors* and Engagement Facilitators* by contacting our Director of Training through the twc.warriorepic@gmail.com.

*Completion of Leadership Development Training is not a guarantee of becoming a coach or participation in a leader role. It is part of the process of your growth and helps us connect with you as you learn more about the TWC culture of leadership.

Director Roles in TWC

Executive Director of The Warrior Commission:  Oversees the general and strategic prophetic direction of The Warrior Commission. Creates an apostolic environment for growth, focus, training and development of leaders, individual warriors and teams.  May develop content, and/or work with those who design content for the following: publications, self-paced training, Specialty training and Training Days, outreach/media initiatives. Trains others in areas of new training development, resources and written communications, such as blogs. Encourages new ideas and expansion of expanded training areas in TWC, while empowering Directors, Lead Coaches, coaches and leaders in their continued advancement as Warriors in TWC. Generates content and oversees direction for TWC outreach and expanded training. Interacts and works with the Intel Specialists behind our Blueprint Prayer Focuses, as well as relational development with those outside of TWC.
Director of Member Development:  Focuses on leader training within The Warrior Commission. Creates content for publications within TWC and facilitates coach articles. Involved with development of training content. Continues to encourage and raise up new and prospective leaders while overseeing coaching calls and their development. Holds various training and processing calls for Foundational training and Advance Training Modules.
Director of Advanced Training: Oversees the Advanced Training Modules and Specialty Trainings within TWC, including Leadership and Coaching Development.

Director of Intel:  Oversees all areas of prophetic intercession and intel gathering.  Develops and distills the intel to its most tactical and strategic form.  Oversees the development of processed Intel, development of Crafted Prayers of Impact, the Blueprint development and all intel related training.  Collects and prophetic Develops/Coordinates special intel related projects, teams and specialty training, including the expanded application of Key Territories.