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Coach Application/Champions Training

Champions Training Coaches are passionate about connecting with members who have invested in becoming part of the Champions Training experience. You will be expected to be proactive, innovative and focused in facilitating Kingdom conversations, asking great questions and creating a sense of both army and family in this small group mentoring opportunity.

Your own development as a leader should be a priority and your role as a Champions Coach should be considered a training ground that you greatly enjoy and wish to actively cultivate. Like your members, your training will be more specialized with a high bar of excellence – and that should be a thought that brings a sense of joy and adventure.

There will be excellent opportunities for you to bring your creativity, innovation and fresh possibilities as to what your team and Champions Training can become.

Who are we looking for?

  • Veteran leaders in TWC who are passionate about cultivating a quality
    small team experiences with some of TWCs most focused members.
  • Leaders who value coaching and being a catalyst to a member’s experience, not the driving force behind it.
  • Completion of your own Champion Training.
  • Coaches who demonstrate a passion for Jesus and a strong TWC DNA that reflects our core values and assignments.
  • Leaders who are passionate about their own development and have demonstrated excellence in their own TWC journey as a member and leader.
  • Self-starters who can take our basic starting point and expand the Champions Training experience for current and future members.
  • Innovative thinkers who can convert dreams into strategic action.
  • Connectors who thrive on member interaction.


Has completed Champion Training. Participation in TWC Leadership Development Training with excellence and submission of completed Champions Coach Application. Previous TWC leadership experience encouraged.


These are elements that are positives to be considered, but are not “deal-breakers” if not present. Obviously, the more positive considerations you have, the more suited you may be for the role of Champions Coach.

  • Creativity, joy and passion for the TWC experience and its members
  • Consistent Evidences of Transformation in personal and leadership growth
  • Previous TWC leadership experience that demonstrates many of the “Evidences of Maturity in TWC Leadership” – The Catalyst 2015 pg. 13-14
  • Demonstrates understanding of the primary Kingdom Assignments of TWC
  • Positive testimonies from other TWC members and leaders
  • Levels of training and LDT completed with excellence
  • Amount of time as a TWC member that demonstrates passion and focus
  • Has specific interests within TWC and ability to create quality resources for members


As a Champions Coach, you will have the privilege of working directly with a small team of no more than 15 members, who have chosen a more focused TWC development experience. Your role will be as a primary mentor and coach for whatever level of training your members are on. This role will require you to:

  • Facilitate a dynamic small team mentorship experience
  • Offer a monthly conference call with your Champions Team members
  • Host general, monthly Champions Alumni calls
  • Post regularly to the closed Champions Facebook page
  • Evaluate your members completed Focuses & give general feedback.  The final feedback for the overall CT experience will be given by a Director/Lead Coach.
  • Help your members develop their own contributions to TWC
  • Receive specialized training in mentoring and discipling

Facilitate a dynamic small team mentorship experience

You take the lead to create opportunities for dialogue and practice of each member’s current training levels and intercession experiences – utilizing other coaches specialties to enhance your member’s development and help them overcome obstacles faced in this type of focus, training intensive.

Monthly Champions Call

Once a month, you will be asked to host a conference call with your Champions small team. This is primarily a TWC family call in which to dialogue your TWC process and get to know each other on a relational level. You will also share the opportunity to host Champion Alumni calls with any other Champion Coaches

Developing Your Members Contributions to TWC

One aspect of the Champions Training is that each member offers something to enrich TWC. Toward the close of the training year, you will discuss the next steps with each of your team members. This can be in the area of Intel development, working with New Members, joining the Connections Ambassadors, Engagement Facilitators, etc. or anything else they and you create.

Your role is to support each member in developing their contribution, provide feedback and ideas in conjunction with the rest of the TWC leadership team.

Your Championship Development

As a Champions Coach, you will have a Director/Lead Coach who will support you and be directly involved in your development. We will be offering advanced level leadership training and other opportunities specifically designed for cultivating champions.

Champions Team isn’t forever

Each year, you will have the opportunity to rotate your team members, so that both you and they have the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of TWC members.  You will also have the choice each year to decide if you wish to continue as a Champions Coach or apply for a different leadership or membership experience. While we understand that unexpected events may occur, we ask that you anticipate a 12 month commitment to this leadership assignment.

Submission of Application

  • All leadership applications should be submitted by June (annually)
  • Send your application to:
  • You may apply for as many coaching opportunities as you wish to.
  • Our team of Directors will prayerfully assess and select our initial coaches based on qualifications, considerations and best fit for this assignment. 


Champions Team Coach Application



What year did you join TWC?

Are you a current TWC leader?  If so, list the roles you’ve served in and amount of time in each.

What level of Training have you completed?

Have you taken and completed Intel Development Training? If so, list the year taken.

List three specific reasons that you want to pursue becoming a Champions Team Coach




What do you consider to be your three highest values as a leader?




Which three “Evidences of Maturity” in The Catalyst 2015 p. 13 & 14 are you strongest in (you can paraphrase them) and 1-2 sentences that gives us a real life example of a time you’ve exhibited this in TWC.




Which “Evidence of Maturity” do you feel you need more growth in and how do you see that occurring in the next 12 months? (2-3 sentences)

Name one aspect of TWC that you would consider yourself proficient at and tell us why:

Describe your passion for mentoring and being mentored (3-4 sentences):

List three TWC members we can chat with regarding their leadership or membership experience with you in the past 12 months:




Anything else you would like to share or that you feel we should consider?

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