Warrior Coaches for New Members

COACH APPLICATION/Warrior Coach – New Members

Warrior Coaches with a focus on New Members are those who have a passion to launch TWC members with joy and excellence. You are a primary atmosphere setter for what The Warrior Commission experience will be like. You are an ambassador that offers support to those who are working to understand what TWC has to offer and their place in it.

Your opportunities will range from answering prospective and New Member questions, encouraging New Members to connect with our resources and navigating the new realities of the Foundations Training and TWC experience. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Dynamic coaches who enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people
  • Ambassadors who are passionate about introducing people to the TWC experience
  • Innovative thinkers who enjoy communicating basic and foundational TWC principles
  • Encouragers whose demeanor as well as their words express confidence and peace
  • Leaders who have a strong TWC DNA and can recognize it in others
  • Facilitators excited to introduce the concept of Living on a Higher Place, Crafted Prayers of Impact and Intel.
  • Connectors who show a solid understanding of TWC resources and opportunities


Has completed Foundations and Level 1 Training with excellence and has completed and submitted a Warrior Coach Application. Is available for training for Leadership Development Training.


These are elements that are positives to be considered, but are not “deal-breakers” if not present. Obviously, the more positive considerations you have, the more suited you may be for the role of Warrior Coach for New Members.

  • Creativity, joy and passion for the TWC experience and its members
  • Consistent Evidences of Transformation in personal and leadership growth
  • Positive testimonies from other TWC members and leaders
  • Levels of training and LDT completed with excellence
  • Amount of time as a TWC member that demonstrates passion and focus
  • Demonstrates understanding of the primary Kingdom Assignments of TWC
  • Positive ability to discern where people excel and where they are challenged


As part of a team of coaches, overseen and working alongside the TWC Director of New Members and the Director of Training, you will be part of launching our New Members into this grand TWC adventure by:

  • Posting regularly on the TWC Facebook page (1-2 times per month)
  • Responding to Facebook Posts and Welcoming New Members
  • Facilitate a 60-90 minute conference call every other month
  • Create a video 4 times per year to post on Facebook

Posting and responding on TWC Facebook page

Our TWC Facebook page is highly successful, from general TWC discussions that everyone can benefit from to introducing New Members. Our desire is that our New Members get to hear from seasoned coaches and perspectives, so we would like TWC Coaches to post one original item 1-2 times a month and a short video every quarter (Video will be posted on Facebook for New Members and any who what to join the call)

Facilitating a 60 minute Conference Call approximately every other month

You can choose from the topics of:

  • “Living on a Higher Place”
  • “Crafted Prayers of Impact and Intel”
  • “TWC Website Tour and Questions”

Make your call specific in a way that combines a mini-teaching (10-15 min) with your practical experience and a specific tool that will accelerate their growth and acclimation in TWC and preparing them for what The Warrior Commission experience can be for them. Then open it up for dialogue, testimonies and questions. Recording will be posted on the Facebook page.  

Your Development

Working with New Members helps you develop:

  • Group mentoring skills, giving our members their first, positive experience of TWC
  • Facilitating confidence by calling New Members up and seeing their potential
  • Creating an atmosphere of freedom, growth and exploration
  • Reframing skills for old mindsets and perspectives
  • Creating a mini-training on a topic from the New Member Process materials
  • Skills in facilitating a conference call

Once you’ve gained some experience in working with New Members, you may be considered in assisting with interviewing potential TWC members. This will include additional training.

New Member Coach isn’t a final destination

Once a year, we will ask all leaders and members to evaluate their role in TWC. At that time, you will be free to continue as a Warrior Coach with a New Member focus, apply for a different leadership role, apply for Champions Training as a member or choose to continue your TWC experience with self-paced training as your main focus.

Submission of Application

  • All leadership applications submitted by June (annually)
  • Send your application to: twc.memberservices@gmail.com
  • You may apply for as many coaching opportunities as you wish to.
  • Our team of Directors will prayerfully assess and select our initial coaches based on qualifications, considerations, number of WT members and best fit for this assignment.

Warrior Coach -New Member Focus Application




What year did you join TWC?

Are you a current TWC leader?  If so, list the roles you’ve served in and amount of time in each.

What level of Training have you completed?

Have you taken and completed Intel Development Training? If so, list the year taken.

List three specific reasons that you want to pursue becoming a New Member Coach.




What do you consider to be your three highest values as a leader?

Name one aspect of LDT Module 3 – New Members that resonates with you and why:

Name one aspect of LDT Module 3 – New Members that you are not as interested in pursuing?

What level of interest do you have in working with those that are not ready to come into TWC yet? On a scale from 1-10 (1-not interested \ 10-highly interested)

Would you consider your Persona leaning more towards Army/Family?  A mixture? Please give us a brief 2-3 sentence summary:

Anything else you would like to share or that you feel we should consider?

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