Warrior Team Coach


A Warrior Coach is a leadership role in which you provide coaching and encouragement to a wide variety of TWC members. You are able to offer general support as members process their Training Levels/Advanced Modules and participate in prophetic intercession, as well as specific training resources and interactions.

Being a Warrior Coach is very much like being a TWC member: the experience will be what you make of it. You will have an area of focus, whether that be a specific training focus or specialty. Initially, we will focus on the basic elements listed below, but eventually you will have the freedom to dream and develop with TWC leaders for other areas that contribute to the Warrior Commission Tribe.

Your development as a leader is key to us. We want to see YOU grow as a Kingdom leader and coach through this opportunity. Specialty training, coaching and continued development will be offered so that being a Warrior Coaching becomes your training ground for a brilliant relationship with God.

Who are we looking for?

  • Leaders who are passionate in their relationship with God and sharing their TWC experience with others
  • Those who value coaching and empowering members more than direct instruction and giving answers
  • Self-starters who will take initiative in expanding the Warrior experience
  • Creators who will develop valuable resources
  • Connectors who will reach out to members and facilitate relationships


Completed TWC Leadership Development Training with excellence and submission of a completed Warrior Coach Application by the deadline. (annually in June)


These are elements that are positives to be considered, but are not “deal-breakers” if not present. Obviously, the more positive considerations you have, the more suited you may be for the role of Warrior Coach.

  • Creativity, joy and passion for the TWC experience and its members
  • Consistent Evidences of Transformation in personal and leadership growth
  • Previous TWC leadership experience that demonstrates excellence
  • Demonstrates understanding of the primary Kingdom Assignments of TWC
  • Positive testimonies from other TWC members and leaders
  • Levels of training and LDT completed with excellence
  • Amount of time as a TWC member that demonstrates passion and focus
  • Perceives leadership as a service and an assignment, not an achievement to be gained or a title to be earned


As part of a team of coaches who work with Lead Coaches and/or TWC Directors you would be responsible to:

  • Respond to personal Warrior email questions
  • Offer Feedback for Level/Advanced Training upon completion and submission by members
  • Create training support in an area of your TWC passion
  • Post regularly on the TWC Facebook page
  • Facilitate a 60 minute conference call every other month or quarterly (6-10 times per year).
  • Scout for members for Champion Training , Coaches, Intel, Engagement Facilitators and/or Connections Ambassadors and other specialty team members 

Respond to Warrior Emails*/Training Responses

If a Member has a question that they would prefer not appear on Facebook, they will email twc.member@gmail.com. Coaches will respond to member questions within 7-14 days.

If you want help with feedback in responding, you can email your Directors or Lead Coach who can join you in the process. We will do this with all emails initially, but eventually, you can take it on your own whenever you wish.

You send your response back to the member and put the information in their member file. 

You will also give Training Level feedback to our members, and will receive additional coaching in providing that. This can be on a regular basis or in response to a TWC member that you have a connection with.

*We are always on the lookout for coaches who are interested in administrating the gmails that come into our account.  This would not mean you would respond to everyone, but you may be able to offer fewer training calls in exchange for helping support the coaches in their roles.

Create Training Support in an area of your passion

As a Warrior Coach and a veteran of TWC experience and leadership training, you will be free to create anything you wish that you believe will help folks connect the dots. As you tap into your Directors and Lead Coaches as sounding boards, they will help you develop the training.  You can share this on our TWC Facebook page as a further resource and potentially on the website as a blog or on our public Facebook pages.

Posting and responding on the TWC Facebook page

This closed Facebook page has been highly successful so far in allowing us to effectively provide group mentoring to general questions that everyone can benefit from. Our desire is that our members get to hear from a larger pool of coaches and perspectives, so we would like Coaches to post one original item 2-3 times a month in writing and a short video once a month.

Facilitating a 60 minute Conference Calls

Choose a topic of your passion from the area of your coaching focus (Level 1, 2, etc.). Make it specific in a way that combines a mini- teaching (10-15 min) with your practical experience and a specific tool that will accelerate their training process – and then open it up for dialogue, testimonies and questions. It will be recorded for others to benefit from later on.

Scout for Champions Team Members, Coaches and Specialty Training 

As TWC grows, we simply won’t know everyone, but we want a trained team of leaders who are looking for the ones God highlights, just as He’s highlighted you.

One of the things you’re looking for are folks you feel would thrive and have potential as leaders in TWC – but we’ll leave it to the Holy Spirit and you to determine best how you want to use this part of being a coach.

Your Development

You will always have a Director/Lead Coach as a resource for you in working with members and for your own personal development. Their focus is to not only provide feedback and support for coaches as they work with members, but to give you personalized mentorship in your own TWC process.

Warrior Coaches will have completed Leadership Development training and fill out an application.  If chosen to become a coach, you will be invited to participate in Train the Trainer for this coaching position. 

Warrior Team Coach isn’t a final destination

As our training year comes to a close in June of each year, you will be free to continue as a Warrior Coach, apply for a different leadership role, or choose a member experience for the next 12 months. You will need to inform us of your next steps as early as March or April.

Submission of Application

All leadership applications should be submitted in May of each year. The specific information will be outlined in Warrior Updates.  Send your application to: twc.memberservices@gmail.com by the due date specified in the Member Update. You may apply for as many coaching opportunities as you wish to.  Our team of Directors will prayerfully assess and select our initial coaches based on qualifications, considerations, number of members and best fit for this assignment. 


Warrior Team Coach Application



What year did you join TWC?

Are you a current TWC leader?  If so, list the roles you’ve served in and amount of time in each.

What level of Training have you completed?

Have you taken and completed Intel Development Training? If so, list the year taken.

List three specific reasons that you want to pursue becoming a Warrior Team Coach.




What do you consider to be your three highest values as a leader?




What are three very specific areas of passion in TWC that you would consider hosting a conference call about or developing a training resource for? 

Give a short description of what you would focus on for each topic listed.




Name one aspect of TWC that you would consider yourself proficient at and tell us why:

Rate your level of interest in responding to member Training Levels submitted by Warrior Team members and receiving further training to do so:

It’s a primary passion Very interested Willing Not a strong area of interest

List three TWC members we can chat with regarding their leadership or membership experience with you in the past 12 months:




Anything else you would like to share or that you feel we should consider?

Return this page to twc.memberservices@gmail.com

  You will be notified of the outcome by Oct. 26th.