Description and Considerations


Leadership Development Training (LDT) is a specialty training based in and expanded on processed based, developmental training. This training is required by all who become leaders in The Warrior Commission.  However, LDT is also for any of our members who would like to have more understanding of our culture, processed based training and how to encourage a transformational culture in their areas of influence.


To inspire and encourage you so that your TWC leadership experience is a contribution to your overall growth and development in Christ.

To give a foundational understanding and specific training in 4 key areas of The Warrior Commission.

  1. Using our leadership values and principles in coaching. i.e. How to lead from values and principles rather than rules and regulations.
  2. The practical aspects of being a TWC leader / coach.  How to use Warrior Commission tools (flipping negatives, insteads, etc.) in coaching others in their walk with God.
  3. Cultivating and working with New Members.  How to reframe mindsets and develop at heaven to earth perspective.
  4. Prophetic Intercession in TWC.  An overview of how Intel works in TWC, how it is trained and the unique perspective we have on prophetic intercession, including more about our 8 Key Territories)

Who Can Take LDT?

Those interested in participating in any of our specialty leadership training need to have completed Level 1. All members who have completed Level 1 are eligible to apply. This speciality training requires an application process and fills up quickly.  Due to the interactive nature of this training, space is limited.  

Look for upcoming training opportunities in the Warrior Updates.