How to Schedule Calls

Conference Call Calendar

The master conference call calendar is created twice per year. Coaches, please send in your conference call calendar template(in one document – Word doc) to the Lead Coach or Director that you are working with every 6 months, beginning November 1st (for Feb – June) and again by May 15th (for July-Nov). Our Director’s will send their master calendar to the Operations Manager who will schedule calls in GoToMeeting, post in the appropriate Forum Groups, and send out email reminders. When sending in your calendar  template please include the following information for each call using the template provided.


  • Type of Call & Title
  • Host Name
  • Date
  • Time and time zone
  • Short description of the call
  • Questions for participants to consider

Forum posts and reminders:

This is how our Member Services Administrator assist you:

  • Schedule GoToMeeting conference calls in six-month blocks (adjust as needed) for team and group training (not individual meetings)
  • Post monthly call information and events on the Forum around the first of the month.
  • Send out an email Call Blast reminders every Thursday covering 10 Calendar days of calls
  • Keep a master calendar of all conference calls

Recording and posting on Facebook:

  • Coaches are responsible for recording and posting their call on their designated Forum page. Please add any key thoughts from your call.
  • Upload the video file on our Youtube account.  See TWC Leadership page for written and video instructions on processing, uploading and posting the call you hosted .