Facilitating Calls

Your Role as Leader of The Call

  • You are facilitating a conversation with the members
  • You are creating an atmosphere of permission for them to share.
  • You do not need to do all the talking
  • You are not there to do a mini-seminar.
  • You have permission not to let the call drift. Lead when needed.
  • Reframe any negatives or ask what possibilities others see.
  • People are used to depending on leaders to answer.
  • Try to reply with questions or draw other members in with their thoughts.
  • You are also our Leadership’s connection with our members.
  • Share with your Lead Coach what you are seeing in TWC.

Beginning a Call

  • Honor those who were on time by starting 5 minutes after the posted call time.
    • Ask periodically if anyone else has joined the call.
  • Open with thanks to the team and personal appreciation for their time.
  • You can also open with a Crafted Prayer of Impact.

During the Call

  • Jot names of participants as they ring in and include them by name.
  • Quiet pauses are okay – you don’t have to fill all the spaces
  • Help enthusiastic members find their stopping place if they go on too long.
  • Let people know when you have about 10 or 15 minutes left, especially with a chatty group.


  • Offer a 10-15 minute training on your call topic.
  • Have questions ready to ask to generate conversation.
  • Keep it Prophetically Inspired
    • We share our lives in the context of possibilities, not problems
    • Personal examples are great if connected to TWC training
  • Include a time of Crafted Prayers of Impact to close the call

Ending a Call

  • Honor time frames of approximately 60 minutes – end close to the time frame given
  • Thank the members for not only their time on the call and all they do, but WHO they are on this journey.
  • Be sure notes of thanks are sent out to the participants.