TWC Leadership – Overview

The story of leadership in The Warrior Commission comes from a desire to launch warriors, champions and game changers. The Values and Principles of The Warrior Commission pointed us to a process based style of leadership.

We find the best way to raise people up is to focus on identity and relationship with God. What we created over time was an innovative way to encourage the process of growth.

Our style of leadership involves coaching, training and group mentoring.  But, by placing the responsibility in your hands, we created a leadership culture of encouragement and joyful intentionality. For more detailed descriptions and responsibilities, go to Coach and Leader Role Descriptions.


  • Time frame of commitment: 1 year (annual) July-June
  • When enrollment/applications are due: May 10th 
  • What is required for eligibility: Completed Foundations, Stages 1-6/Level 1 and application process
  • Additional training for all new coaches:  Train The Trainer, Leadership Development Training: Dates TBA in Warrior Update


The Directors of TWC oversee specific areas of training and leadership development.  They are responsible for making sure The Warrior Commission remains true to its Kingdom Targets and Values and Principles.  They train and develop others to step into leadership roles and facilitate exploration and pioneering in their areas of focus.  They generate ideas and support for each different area of focus, overlap and development.  They generate strategic direction for The Warrior Commission for both the short term and long term.


A Warrior Coach moves from our basic starting points and expands the TWC experience for current and future members. They are innovative thinkers who can convert dreams into strategic action. Connectors who thrive on member interaction. Coaches focus on various aspects of TWC, like New Members, Specialty Training, Intel, etc. or can provide expanded development opportunities for Warriors across TWC. 


Champion Training Coaches (CTC) are veteran leaders, passionate about connecting with members who have invested in becoming part of the year long, Champions small team experience. They carry TWC DNA and reflect our core values and principles. They are proactive self-starters who are innovative and focused.  A CTC’s training will be more specialized with a high bar of excellence – and that should be a thought that brings a sense of joy and adventure. CTC are leaders who value coaching and being a catalyst to a member’s experience, not the driving force behind it. 


The Director of Intel heads this team.  Intel Coaches specialize in sorting prophetic intel for TWC, and our Blueprint assignments. They host Intel Development Training and give feedback on prophetic words we receive. Each Intel Coach has completed Intel Development Training, as well as advanced training in Intel.  This is a group of explorers and pioneers who are seeking new innovations in our Intel applications and process.


Engagement Facilitators are all about the process that makes us rich. These leaders host calls geared toward exploring your journey and training with the Lord. Each call has an overall topic of discussion and encourages a chat on that topic, rather than a training about the topic.


Connections Ambassadors are proactive connectors within The Warrior Commission. They send out notes to all our Warriors several times a year.  These letters are there to help you know we know you are here. It gives you a chance to respond, connect and ask questions.


TWC is a wide open playing field. You are free to explore and rise to your full potential here. Permission really is granted. It will be up to you to walk in it, ask questions, explore and seek out your training. We want to see you become the best expression of who God made you to be on whatever battleground you find yourself on.