Training Responses

Included on this page is information to help you respond to training submissions.  If you would like more encouragement on being a leader in TWC, you are welcome to connect to our Catalyst Journals.


What to do when a Training Module is submitted:

Scan briefly to make sure all parts have been completed.

Response email to member:

    • Short comments on a couple of points in their training that stood out to you
    • A short encouragement about the growth you have observed through their training
    • Encourage them to take a break before starting the next level (see below)
    • Email their training back with the feedback in one document. Copy the Member Services Administrator on the email so we have a back up of their training. Members have been thrilled we had a copy when their computer stopped working!

The purpose of the email is simply to let them know their training was received, read through and is valued. We commit to responding to these emails in 14 days.

If you feel there is a significant gap or it is incomplete, return and let them know where you feel they need to do more.

Remind the member to see the transitions tab on the website.  Their transition time allows them to take 4-6 weeks to reflect on the training and participate in various activities in TWC.  At the end of their transition time, Warriors can contact the Member Services Administrator for their next training.

Keep a copy of the training for reference and email your response to the TWC Administrator at