Powerful Questions


Powerful Questions are at the core of our coaching culture. Instead of being the “answer person” as leaders, our goal is to facilitate our members to think for themselves and enter into a dialogue with you, the team and the Holy Spirit.

Rather than having the answer for someone, we want to facilitate their process and journey with God.  These questions can be your goto questions until you think of some more.  You can use them in your Calls, Facebook and other communications.

  • Who does God want to be for you now that He couldn’t be at any other time?
  • What does that mean? What must you do? (The questions on the day of Pentecost)
  • What would you attempt for God if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • If everyone made $10 an hour, what would you do for a living?
  • Who am I here? What identity is emerging in this season?
  • What am I here? What action or role goes with that?
  • Where am I here? Where do you see this manifesting? Home? TWC? Church? Work?
  • What is this person believing about themselves that would cause them to behave this way? (- or – What am I believing about myself…)
  • When you consider the beauty and majesty of God’s nature, what provision can you imagine for yourself?
  • What is the gap between who your prophetic words say you are and where you are currently? What is the development that needs to occur to cover that?
  • What area of worship are you intentionally upgrading?
  • What Fruit of the Spirit is God developing in you right now?
  • What do you want to begin to do by intention that you’ve been doing by intuition?
  • How has your most recent training focus connected you more closely with God’s heart?  What was it’s impact on your life?
  • Which Decision That Defines Us are your currently experiencing or developing?
  • Which of Our Kingdom Assignments resonates with you most and why?
  • What is the most joyful part of TWC? What is the most challenging?
  • If you could make only one significant contribution to TWC, what would it be?
  • Share one of your Inheritance Words. When did God highlight it to you? What part of it have you become?
  • Share a promise God has made to you. When did He make it to you? What provision has He given to you through it?
  • Share one of your Identity Statements and the the story of how it came to be.
  • What Evidence of Transformation have you seen in your TWC journey; in language, behavior, faith, language or works?
  • Discuss an evidence of a recent transformation in how you think? How did you used to think in that area? What did that process of upgrade involve?
  • How is God stretching you right now? What are you learning? What deposits is He bringing forward?
  • Who does God want to be to you now that He couldn’t be at another time?
  • What would you attempt for God if you had no fear?
  • What fruit of the Spirit is God developing right now?
  • How do you plan to upgrade your worship this year?
  • What is a negative that God has flipped to a positive ‘instead’?
  • Share one Inheritance Word.
  • Share one identity statement.
  • Share an “Evidence of Transformation”