As challenging circumstances come, we tend to either dwell on them or try to pretend they don’t exist. We have another option. We can take a moment with God and ask Him to see those times through His eyes. As we understand the way He sees it. God’s basically saying, “Instead” of this happening to you, I am bringing you authority and victory through it to build you up and develop you.” But, sometimes performance thinking means we flip the negative and strive to live in the opposite. Although His love can help us flip how we see the situation, our emotions may need some time to catch up.

Think about a challenging situation you may be facing or have recently faced. What is God’s instead for you? Ask Him how He sees it.

What spiritual muscles or fruit is God growing in you? What does His view tell you about your intimacy with Him? About your identity in Him?

Ask God to reveal where your emotions are in this process. Are you working through healing? Do you want to defend yourself? Are you angry or frustrated?

It’s Ok, God already knows, but it helps us to acknowledge them. Spend some time with the Lord. What scriptures come to mind? What do you need to give over to Him? How is He showing up for you? (Comforter, healer, Father, counselor, etc.?)

Take the time you need to journal and talk with God so that your emotions heal and mature in this situation. Allow Him to take them in His hands and pour into your heart. It may take some time, but it is so worth it!