Overcoming with God

God’s Perfect Timing for Prayer – Testimony by Faith Donaldson


Faith’s Personal Example:

At a Graham Cooke conference in Longmont, CO, about four years ago now, I was preparing to come down from my room to attend the early morning meeting with everyone. The news came on TV that had been a tragic horrifying shooting at the Aurora Movie Theater.

I was heartsick, struck by the horror I saw had unfolded. At the same time I saw I had dozens of phone messages on my phone. I returned the call to a client who was an emergency room nurse. She had worked on several of the victims that night. She was also a survivor of early childhood abuse and her trauma was escalated. She was undone. I spoke with her and worked through the immediate crisis and made a plan to process with her later. At that moment I broke down and wept because my heart was shattered, just as the heart of God was, at this exact moment in time for my client and everyone involved.

I gathered myself together and went to the where TWC was meeting at the church. They were in a circle singing. I found a spot to stand but tears were still pouring from my eyes. A leader next to me just put her arm around me. She didn’t pray for me – she didn’t take me to another room to comfort or pray for me.

My heart cried out to God in that moment in my spirit. As I embraced being responsible for my own heart break with God, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me, “Faith, peace. I was there with everyone. I am the healer of their hearts and yours. Breathe . . . and know that I will work even this out for My Good because I AM good.” I felt a rush of peace come into my spirit and I felt myself come up from the depths of grief where I inhaled His love for me, my client and the victims. I began to sing.

The rest of the day I was a part of everything we did in our Training Days. I walked into the meeting that night with Graham with a heavy, but joyful, heart that was still in process of healing. Graham prayed and poured out words that brought truth – life – and comfort to all of us that there.

This was a life changing experience. If someone had prayed for me, I’m not sure I would have had the breakthrough that I did. It was a new level of upgrade in my life. God and I together are a force to be dealt with. This is what it is like to be a Warrior.

Was there a time for prayer? Absolutely! That evening Graham’s words and prayer brought deep healing into all of our hearts. Over the weeks ahead I prayed with my client as a part of her healing. I was prayed for as well, but my key breakthrough came when I rose up into how God saw me and what He was offering me in my suffering.