Qualities of a Member In Champion Training

We are looking for Warrior Commission members who:

  • Are passionate about the specific Kingdom Assignments of TWC, prophetic prayer and have demonstrated that passion in their interactions, level of engagement and quality of contributions in TWC.
  • Desire a more focused, challenging, small group mentoring experience in which to engage for the training year (July start)
  • Have completed Level 1 with excellence and have solid Evidences of Transformation. Any other Training Modules completed should also reflect excellence and transformation.
  • While time of completion is not the highest priority, quality Training Modules completed in suggested time frames are considered a positive reflection of qualities of those seeking Champions Training.
  • Respond positively to coaching, redirection or opportunities for upgrade.
  • Have taken initiative to connect regularly through some of the following ways:
    • conference calls,
    • intercession assignments,
    • Facebook,
    • Training Journal submission requests and/or local gatherings or Training Days.
  • Are able to work independently as well as enjoy being a team player.
  • Have a growing capacity to see through lenses of possibilities rather than problems.
  • Have a passion to contribute to the development of other TWC members.
  • Are maturing in the qualities of a spiritual warrior. All their best fights are ahead of them.
  • Do not perceive Champion Training as a goal to be achieved, but a training format that offers an opportunity to better establish, deepen and apply their training. They plan on thriving.
  • Are seeking ways to raise up others around them in their personal areas of passion and promise.