2023 – TWC Identity

2022 – TWC Decisions That Define Us

2022 Frontline November Identity – Transition S

2021 – TWC Decisions That Define Us

2020 – TWC Values and Principles




  • Frontline, 2017 November – Training Ground, 2017 Reflection, Journey of a Lifetime, Identity Training Call, Manifesting Your Spirit: Brokenness and Love,
  • Frontline, 2017 October – Wall of Breakthrough, Key Territory: New Testament Prophecy, Adventure Days with God, Crafted Prophetic Prayer, Approaching Champion Mountain and Intel Ascension
  • Frontline, 2017 September – Prophetic Positioning, Key Territory: Identity in Christ, Songs of Ascent, It’s a Matter of the Heart
  • Frontline, 2017 August – Invitation to Warrior Intercession, Key Territory: Abiding, Where Our Feet Are Planted, Identity Empowered by Grace, Kingdom Treasure
  • Frontline, 2017 July – The Value of Mistakes, The Value of Transition, Key Territory: Limitless Possibilities,Partnering with God, Warrior Journal, Negatives to Instead and Beyond,
  • Frontline, 2017 June – Mind the Gap, Key Territory: Fullness and Abundance, Grace Growers or Agents of Change
  • Frontline, 2017 May – Australia, The Space Before Me, TWC Training Journals, Moving at High Altitude, Creativity Takes Many Forms, Enjoying Your Journey, Key Territory: Joyful Intentionality, Finding Your Rhythm
  • Frontline, 2017 April – Netherlands, Walk Off the Map, Key Territory: Empowering Grace and New Testament Nature of God, Moving to New Heights, Warrior Team Buddies Thrive, Lens Change Through Lectio Divina,
  • Frontline, 2017 March – Letter to TWC from Graham, Transitions, Elevation, Key Territory: New Man and Present/Future Life
  • Frontline, 2017 February – Warrior Code, Training in Action: Refusing to Rush, Key Territory: Evidence of Transformation, The Impact of Rest
  • Frontline , 2017 January – Welcome to 2017, Looking Back to Accelerate Forward

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