TWC Q&As with Graham

On many of our TWC Training Days, Graham joins us for a Q&A session. Warrior Commission members are given an opportunity to submit questions before hand. The questions are sent to Graham and Graham then spends time preparing responses for the questions he selects.

These documents are transcripts of those meetings and we will continue to add more as they become available.

The content is rich and connects directly to our TWC process in a way that general sessions may not. You’ll notice that different sessions may use the same questions. But you’ll also discover that while Graham’s basic answer may be similar, each response is very unique and worth reading both.

We know that you will understand that this is considered a private conversation between Graham and TWC members, therefore, we kindly ask that the attached documents are read only for your instructional purposes. You may print a personal copy for study, however, no portion of any of these documents be reproduced in any manner.

It’s one of the great exclusive advantages of TWC, so enjoy it!  There’s a lot of treasure to discover.


Questions asked at Expectation!, Anaheim 2017

This year, Graham and Allison chose to upgrade the Q&A by weaving many of your questions into a dialogue of our journey together.

The stories of their obstacles and opportunities (along with a great deal of laughter), were to give a living picture of TWC’s DNA and some encouragement to fuel acceleration.

So, what were the questions we answered? And what truths will help accelerate you most? Check out this transcript to find out.

Click here for the audio of Graham and Allison through Vimeo.


Questions asked at Developing Your Destiny, Anaheim 2015

The first question is your teaching about habitation versus visitation and the Holy Spirit lives in here has helped change my focus from looking outside to looking inside. Jesus is massive territory! I’m guessing this is territory you have been in for a long time. When did you first discover it, and how would you describe this oneness in your life?

What was it in Montana? You had the boys take you out to open space? Why did you want to go?

What are your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs regarding personal prophecy and prophetic counseling offered online, assuming that the prophet is genuine?

How do you think the Warrior Commission leaders are leaders of a different spirit? What makes our values and style of leadership unique?

“Every relationship needs to be reinvented every three to five years,” a wise man once said. How are you currently reinventing your life and relationships and is that reinvention part of your health accommodations?

Passivity is one of our key fights that we’re looking at in TWC. The Warrior Commission requires us to overcome this by taking responsibility for our level of involvement and training. What are the best ways to overcome passivity, especially in our training process?

Divine Confrontation, the book, is now out of print. Will it come back? I think we already know the answer to that question–only as a dartboard! What would you write in it now that you didn’t know then, and when was it written?

Would the next book in the prophetic series–will you do Making A Prophetic Impact?

What is one thing you have done in the past twelve months that you’ve never done before but always wanted or hoped to do?

You have spoken of doors being knocked on and suddenly you are in the middle of a wide open space, no floors, ceilings or walls. Do you feel TWC is already in that wide open space and exploring or on the brink of another wide open space?

You talk about the importance of asking a better question. How do you go about upgrading a question to make it better, and what separates an okay question from a brilliant one?

When thinking about the prophetic, how do you shift from hitting the target to hitting the bullseye?


Questions asked at Radical Permission 2 – Anaheim 2014 & Overcoming Life – Orlando FL 2014

When God highlights a new truth for you, how do you begin the process of exploring it?

How do you know when you have fully explored something and it’s ready to teach?

Do we all do both or are there people and others who establish truths?

What is the greatest obstacle to stepping into a new territory or mindset?

Are you ever concerned with getting off track from what God has for you, and when, if you do, how has He gotten you going in the right direction?

You talk about your vision of a present day goodness movement. What do you see as TWC’s role in that movement?

Can you share your thoughts on raising warriors versus foot soldiers? What is the difference, and why is becoming a warrior important to the body of Christ?

Can you describe the difference between one-on-one mentoring and a mentoring process like TWC, and how does TWC reflect you as a mentor?

Can you share your thoughts on the different outcome of when people follow passion versus tradition or responsibilities? (Anaheim only)

What do you mean by a multidimensional relationship with God, and what does that look like? (Anaheim only)


Questions asked at Mind of a Saint – Anaheim 2013

You have said that TWC is one of the most unique spiritual communities. Why?

Which of your inheritance words or promises do you feel that you are living in most right now?

So how are doing assignments in churches different than doing your own events?

What changes have you seen in the intel since we started, and what do you think our next upgrade in intel is? How will that help you?

What do you think it takes to stay in TWC long-term?

We talk about wanting to reach the evangelical community. How do you plan to do that considering that everything you do is rooted in a Holy Spirit belief?

Can you describe how you grew into ministry in the early years? We only see the outcome now and it all seems so solid. What were some of the toughest places in ministry to overcome, and how did you overcome them?

What would you like to do most in the next 5 years that you have never done before?


1st TWC Training Day Gathering in Longmont, Colorado 2012

How would you describe the TWC journey so far and what comes next?

What kind of leadership culture do you see in TWC and how are we different than other leadership experiences we may have had?

Can you describe the elements of moving from loving the concept of a warrior to actually becoming one?

How does our intel help you? What impact do you think it has on the communities we pray for and for you? How has it grown and what’s next?

What does it mean to shift an atmosphere in intercession and what is our greatest contribution to that?