A fulfilling and powerful life as a believer is much deeper than “what you do.” It is based in the foundations of who you are and knowing Who God is. When you go after God’s heart, He transforms you. Jesus modeled how connecting with what God is saying and what He is doing as key to aligning with His heart.

Equip: The Warrior Commission training equips you to recognize and capture your identity and purpose – your unique commission. We make space for your connection with Father, Son and Holy Spirit while linking arms with other Warriors to do this life together. Why? God created us to carry His heart/light to the world, but not to have to do it alone. We equip you to positively impact all your areas of influence as you carry heaven to earth. Together, we support each other’s growth through encouragement, friendship and in the synergy personal revelation and transformation bring.

Training: We partner with you and with God through team mentoring, self-paced training modules, training calls, and advanced training. We help you grow in identity, purpose, destiny, intercession and as a kingdom influencer (whether that influence is global or close to home). We value you. We want to help your kingdom voice be strong, confident and empowered by the Lord.

What Happens? Since 2011, we have seen our Warriors launch into new areas of strength. We’ve seen dead dreams come back to life and new dreams be discovered and activated. We have developed prayers that have impacted families, cities and nations and prayed them together. But, more than that, we have seen people connect in deeper relationship with God that is powerful and life changing. We believe these things, and more, can happen in TWC for you, too.

A note about our training materials:

The majority of our self-paced, advanced, specialty training materials and training calls are created, designed and developed within The Warrior Commission (by and for our members). Your training includes two monthly publications for additional training and intercession options. In addition, we have multiple online groups for you to build relationships and connect with other Warriors across the world. 

Expanded Resources – books/CDs/MP3s: We often tap into supplemental materials by authors (outside of TWC) to enrich and expand your current training. Proverbs says there is wisdom in many voices, so we bring those materials in so you will have the benefit of multiple perspectives, counsel and wisdom. However, these resources are optional and do not add much overall to the cost of your dues.  

The Warrior Commission offers unique training

  • Foundations – Setting the building blocks as a Rising Warrior
  • Identity: God’s true nature and yours
  • Unpacking Revelation: The prophetic culture of a New Testament world
  • Stewarding Relationship and Revelation of God
  • Advanced Training Modules – Living from God’s heart and nature. Resilience and confidence to love others
  • Intel Development Training – Crafting Impact Prayers and Impactful Intercession
  • Champion Training – Calling up the Champion who champions others
  • Kingdom Influencer Development –  Whether you feel you are a leader or not, you can develop language, tools and mindsets of warrior…

It takes a Warrior mindset to love others greatly.