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We combine self-paced training modules, coaching and community to encourage, equip and empower you. We believe in the power of choice: choice on how much time to set aside per week for the training; choice on how quickly God encourages you to move through, or hang out in, one area of  the training; choice on which training calls you join; choice on how much to pursue friendships/connections to other Warriors through CoNexus Hubs, Warrior Buddies, etc.

It’s in your choice to engage in the training that you will discover your commission and develop a deep and dynamic relationship with God. Once you move through our Foundations process, you choose what direction you pursue, what training focus you feel God wants you to have and how much you engage with the ongoing synergy of conversations in TWC.

  • Bullets are what our members shared about what they discovered through each training.

 The Warrior Commission Foundations 1 & 2 – Learning how to think differently so you can hear his voice, trust his ways, experience more of Him

  • 1 – Beginning the Journey – An Introduction to The Warrior Commission
    • What it’s like to experience God
    • Practical life experience with the Lord so you don’t miss what He is doing
    • Applications of tools, resources and activations that are relevant to everyday life
    • Discover where God is taking you and how He is growing you
    • Practical examples from your life; translates into fruit of the spirit
  • 2 – Learning the Principles of Intercession
    • Understanding Impact Prayers
    • Hearing God’s heart for someone else
    • The taste of Intel – how do we hear from the Lord for someone else
    • The beginnings of moving in prophecy
    • As revealed through the TWC culture, we learn how to give away what we receive

The Warrior Commission Foundations 3-6 Developing greater maturity, intimacy and perspective of what it’s like to live from God’s heart rather than in the world

  • 3 Connection with God as the Father
    • Permission to explore who they are and who God is
    • Learned how a Warrior mindset is needed to love greatly
    • Greater understanding of God as Father and how He speaks identity in me
  • 4 Aligning with God as the Son
    • The multi-faceted tool of this training helped me identify different ways to know who we are in Christ – songs, dreams, scripture, images, visions
    • Freedom in Jesus changed from a theory to a reality
    • Learned more about how time with Jesus transforms my thinking to be more like His
  • 5 Identity with God as the Holy Spirit
    • Revelation for the possibility of abundant life in God’s heart and ways
    • Holy Spirit shifted from being a concept to a powerful way God moves in my life.
    • Partnered with how Holy Spirit trains, comforts and heals
  • 6 How to interact with all aspects of your identity and understanding of God
    • Better understanding of what the kingdom is and what it’s not
    • Exercises go into detail on how the disciples chose not to self-protect and instead obey the lord.
    • Training process explores, and gives the why, of different mindsets for kingdom living

Revelation Series – Grows your spiritual sensitivity to the things of God  as you are encouraged and become more confidence to walk in the prophetic as a lifestyle

  • The Prophetic – Encounter His presence, hear His voice and feel his compassion and heart
    • Focuses and activates in the heart of prophecy
    • Learned to turn what is perceived as negative and find God’s encouragement in it
    • Intentionally crafting a prophetic word for others
    • What encouraging, edifing and exhorting prophetic words are in connections to God’s heart
    • Listen to Holy Spirit to craft word of God’s heart that is intentional and specific
    • Helps you frame and process the prophetic sign posts
  • Intercession and Intel – Capture the possibilities of the kingdom and make them your own in prayer
    • Introduces people to the principles of key territories in the prophetic
    • Practice creating impact prayers based upon those key territories
    • Develop declarations to take and hold spiritual territory in prayer
    • Define the difference between maturity and immaturity in intercessory prayer
    • What to do with prophetic information and how to apply it practically
    • Provides a framework to discover the key territories – kingdom mindsets
    • Teaches you how to practice hearing God’s heart to develop a crafted prophetic word
  • Unpacking a Prophetic Word – Learn to discover identity, purpose, promises and focus through the Now and Beyond TWC Blueprint.
    • Focus on prophetic words and identity for you and for our community
    • Learn how to seek God’s design in the desire to align with His heart
    • How to “mine” the treasure from a prophetic word, pulling out pertinent pieces that speak to this new time
    • We train in community as we also explore God’s commission for each of us and for us together
    • Explore who God is and who we are as a community

Armor of God Series – Understand the weapon of intimacy through  of what the Armor of God is for us individually

    • Story based journey to tap into a deeper revelation of the armor of God in your life
    • Better connection to scripture and to how the lives in scripture can inspire and teach us about living in the armor of God
    • We connect the Armor of God in each of the key territories in our lives

Being Still Series – Explore how stillness/peace in God helps us know that He is God. (Ps 46:10)

  • Developing a Life of Intimacy Through the Art of Lectio Devina – learning the process of deep study of specific passages of biblical scripture to pray, connect and grow in the discipline of being still to know that He is God.
    • new study
  • Finding Your Identity in Inheritance Scripture – learning how to sit with scripture passages that seem personally significant aspects of who we are in Jesus and explore them with the Lord.
    • Spending time in scripture like this opened up new understanding of God’s heart, nature and my identity in Him
    • Identity discovered in this way helped me find key scripture to declare in difficult times
    • Discovering the depths of revelation in a passage opened my eyes to the goodness of God
    • Relationship with God went to new places that expanded my heart for Him

In addition to these training modules, we have specially focused training to strengthen your relationship and authority in God through

  • Intel/Intercession – how to gather, develop and craft strategic and prophetic prayers, what to do with what you hear from God’s heart, how to align with God in prayer, the stance or position of prayer, praying from identity in Christ,
  • Champion – focused development of your champion identity, what it looks like to raise others up, how to discover and live out what God’s dreams (plans) for you when you were created, and deeper confidence in intimate relationship with God.
  • Leadership – our leadership training taps into the Warrior principles and values of being a Kingdom leader, how to encourage and raise up others, what true leadership looks like, freedom to grow and practical ways to develop leadership skills and/or training through your God given passions and experiences. Our TWC leaders are still training, growing, developing and maturing. We learn together and we train in many ways.
  • and much more….
Each training module includes multiple training resources including: biblical foundations, healing, emotional health, balanced lifestyle in God, prayer, nature of God, fruit of the Spirit, safe risks of ‘getting your brave on’, rest and refreshing, partnering with God, practical activations, and much more.
We draw from many Kingdom voices to develop it (verifying first that their teaching lines up with scripture and prioritizes Christian based foundations), along with life experiences of our warrior tribe. We do not seek a “right answer” or “graduation” focused format, Instead, we continue on the journey of developing a warrior lifestyle of ever increasing relationship with God, authority, and identity confidence; looking for how God has moved into your training process and brought about evidences of His transformation in you as you train.
We believe kindness, love and unity are powerful. We believe God wants to see us all grow into our fullest potential on this earth. We believe it takes a Warrior mindset and emotional maturity to love others well and to partner with the goodness of God. So we train at the highest levels so we have resilience and a large capacity to carry the nature of God and fruit of the Spirit to all our areas of influence no matter what challenges may come our way.

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