Training Journal #13 – The Nature of TWC Exploration (Fall 2014)

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Q&A with Grae: Is Everyone a Pioneer?, Graham Cooke, page 2

The Nature of Exploration in TWC, Allison Bown, page 3

What Have You Unlearned?, TWC Members, page 6

UP-Learning Grace, Angela Young, page 8

Radical Permission to Explore: Questions in Exploration, Graham Cooke, page 9

When God Sings Over Us, Faith Donaldson, page 12

TWC Evidences of Transformation, TWC Members, page 14

Q & A with Grae: Mentoring, Graham Cooke, page 15

Treasures of TWC, TWC Members, page 17

Using Our Processing Questions to Explore Intel, Christine Casten, page 18

Unpacking, Allison Bown, page 19

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