Level 2 Helps

Level 2 takes you deeper into the prophetic, intercession and our unique “Intel” process.  You will learn more about what we have discovered in our prophetic intercession, including the revelation of the 8 Key Territories we have discovered. Level 2 consists of three separate modules. You may request the modules in any order you would like.

Materials Needed

Module 1
  • Book: Approaching the Heart of the Prophecy (This book is going out of print at Brilliant Book House, but should still be available on Amazon.)
  • CD: Seeing in the Spirit – Graham Cooke
Module 2
  • CD: Making a Prophetic Impact – Also available on Brilliant TV if you prefer a visual format – DVDs no longer offered)
  • Transcript (attached as separate document): Making a Prophetic Impact
Module 3
  • TWC Training Journal #15  Key Territories: Taking Your Internal Ground
  • TWC Training Journal #16  Key Territories: Strategic Intercession
  • CD: Living the Upgraded Life

Quick Facts for Training Level 2

  • Please note: Each Level 2 Training Module is available through your TWC Administrator at twc.memberservices@gmail.com. If it has not been sent to you, contact the administrator for a copy.
  • Take a break from training before beginning each Level 2 module.  (See Transitions page.)  We recommend 2to 4 weeks to allow what you gained in your current training level to become a part of your life.  
  • Update your Warrior Journal from your Foundations/Level 1 experiences before beginning Level 2.
  • The suggested time to complete each Level 2 Module is 4-6 months.
  • You choose the order and time spent on each module.
  • Consider creating a notebook for each section of your Level 2 Training so you can make notes as you go. Look for encounters with God for every revelation.
  • Include a section for your Evidences of Transformation.
    • Write down specific life experiences that demonstrate your growth when they happen. These can be difficult to remember at the end…and easy to do if you’ve made notes.
  • Consider joining a Level 2 Training Call held several times a year.
    • Contact your coaches at twclass.member@gmail.com for dialogue as needed, especially if you discover challenges in the prophetic process.  
    • Reminders:
      • Don’t compare your prophetic gifting with others. Our abilities range from the simple gift of prophecy available to everyone, to prophetic ministry to the role of an office prophet. We’re only responsible to develop what God has given us.
      • Practice the prophetic often in every day cards, emails or encouragements. The more you use the gift, the more it grows to the fullness of what you’ve been given.

Resource Support for Level 2 – Optional Resources to Assist Your Level Training

1. Training Journals

#5 – The Voice of the Lord

# 7 – Powerful Questions: “Prophetic Intercession” by Graham Cooke

2. CDs

Approaching the Heart of the Prophetic* by Graham Cooke

Prophetic Persistence* by Graham Cooke

Available through www.brilliantbookhouse.com or Amazon

3. Books

Prophecy and Responsibility by Graham Cooke

4. TWC Resources

Participation in Level 2 Training Calls or any TWC wide training.

Creative Ideas from our Members

Journals for Inheritance Words

  • Get a small, spiral or composition notebook for each Inheritance Word (scripture) you have.
  • Cover it with pictures that express that word to you or artwork that you love
  • As you meditate on the verses, write down your thoughts and revelations
  • This is both a creative and practical way to explore these words deeply.
  • All your thoughts are in one place.
  • The pictures or artwork can inspire and expand this word for you.

Art with prophetic words

  • Type out portions of prophetic words that you would like to see frequently (or if you’re gifted in calligraphy, or have a friend that is, write them out yourself).
  • Surround the words with art, photographs or images that reflect what God is saying about you in this word.
  • Make a habit of pausing daily to read the words aloud.

Prophetic Bulletin Board

  • Take a regular bulletin board. You can cover it with fabric or keep it as is.
  • Post prophetic statements, pictures or inheritance words you want to see daily
  • Take time to stop and read them aloud
  • Rotate the images and words as your identity grows