Worship Ebb

We have a value in our culture for rest. Rest is something we learn to live out in our day to day. Rest also involves times of intentional space set aside for reflection and prayer. Worship Ebb is a time to focus our life of worship, meditation and intimacy with God. This is also time when we practice our value of rest and refreshing for our coaches, administrators and Tribe. During ebbs, we slow down, put a halt on active training calls, publications and groups and open more space for personal training, reflection and prayer with God. Emails are not checked as often and we ask that you take a break from using the Forum in this time, as well.

Ebb is when we take time to celebrate what God has done in recent months and  establish our gains in knowing the heart of our First Love. Ebb is when what has been deposited is taken deeper and we take time to enter into this sacred space with God. We take a moment to pause, reflect, develop and establish the invitations presented by God in the flow and activation. This is where our new defaults are recognized and created.

As a Kingdom Tribe, we also take time to reflect on all God has done in our lives this year. We celebrate and remember the Goodness of God, each in a way that is authentic to your time with the Lord.

Even though our email communication is greatly reduced, this time is not considered a “vacation” or even a “break.” Instead, it is a call to pray, lay things down, capture this year in journals and build alter stones to God’s greatness in our lives. It is not a passive time, rather it is a time to pray, connect with God and seek His heart.

We capture our evidences of transformation for ourselves and for this Warrior EPIC Nation. This also gives our coaches and those working in the background (to keep our operations running smoothly) a chance to take an uninterrupted pause to rest, prepare and anticipate what God will do in TWC and with you. When we emerge, we will come together and prayer our Impact Prayer for this coming season on a TWC wide prayer call.

What will be our new imagery? How will God move in us and through us in the next season? Maybe you will get a puzzle piece to bring to our TWC wide table and conversations when we return to our normal pace.

We typically send out a special Worship Ebb publication at the beginning of each time of ebb. We have two Ebbs a year. One is about 6 weeks in the December/January timeframe and includes Christmas and New Year. The second, 2 week ebb comes in June/July. Stay tuned for dates in the Warrior Update.

If you want a bit more information, an Ebb is a season to:

Put aside the training portion of The Warrior Commission.

Take a break from processing and knowledge and embrace the intimacy of encounter in His presence.

Continue to pray.

Our community continues to lift up prayers to the Lord.  Even though the visible side of our interactions take an ebb, the background preparations and communications within your Senior leadership team continues.  We do take some time off through the Worship Ebb, but much of our focus is on background preparation for your Warrior Commission experience to be smooth and delightful. You can sow in through praying the Crafted Prayers for TWC, your leaders, our “Blueprint” prayer focuses and for yourself. These prayers are found on our website and/or in the Warrior Updates for your continued partnership in prayer.

Develop your devotional and relational lifestyle with God.

The articles in this Ebb resource will inspire and encourage you in developing this essential part of your life. 

Be refreshed and renewed.

Take a long walk, sit in a still place or take a dedicated day to soak in being His beloved. Rest is something that requires intentionality, but it is essential for endurance. Find a place or activity that renews you and enjoy it hand in hand with Him.

Reflect on your journey in The Warrior Commission.

Think about where were you in your life at this time last year? How have you seen God’s faithfulness? Review your Identity Statement(s) if you’ve written it. Consider your Kingdom assignments. Are there new aspects of your assignment(s) that you can embrace… or are there ones to release?

Think Present/Future:

Both for you personally and for our Warrior Tribe: Have a relational conversation about your life as a warrior and for us as a Kingdom community. Journal your insights with the Lord.

This is a journey that is meant to be joyful and renewing, as much as it is challenging.
Enjoy a time of delight with family and friends, days of majesty & drawing close to the One who adores you.