TWC Identity Statements

The Warrior Commission is a living, breathing part of the Bride of Christ. We are a Tribe in this Warrior-EPIC Nation who dedicates herself to the Lord; as a Fierce Warrior, passionately resting in the heart of her King.

We are an organism that finds refreshing in intimacy with God, drinking in God’s water of life and breathing in His breath. We are a unique recipe of Kingdom Culture, Warrior Code of Honor and Warrior EPIC – Warrior, Explorer, Pioneer, Influencer and Champion – lived out as a closely connected Tribe.

As we link arms together in TWC, as this beautiful part of the Bride of Christ, we have identity statements we share as Warriors of His heart.

Boil TWC down to 1 word: Intimacy
Our Why: Intimacy with God and heart-felt connection with others
Our Who: see below
Our What: Our Commission is to help others find/discover and live out their commission.
To us, a commission is made up of about 90-95% intimate connection with God and identity in Christ. God’s commission gives us freedom to engage with Him and rest in His heart so we know Him and know ourselves through Him. The remaining 5-10% of that commission is what someone does as their why is lived out.

Our Who Identity Statements: We are…

Warrior Ambassadors of God’s love.
It takes a Warrior mindset to love greatly. Loving others requires a giving of self, preferring one to another and forming healthy boundaries, while looking past the surface to see the best in another. Good relationships include grace, resilience, tenacity, focus and training to develop strong interpersonal skills, dialogue and a heart for longevity to represent the values of our King. Kingdom Warriors represent their King well and carry the culture of their King into the earth. Warriors learn to receive God’s love and overflow in that love to others. In that identity, we are ambassadors for Kingdom and for the nature of God.

Multifaceted diamonds who display God’s light in a myriad of colors.
Growing in God reveals the diamonds we are. As His light comes through the purity of heart and purpose He is developing in our maturing process, God shines His light through us. As it does it separates into a rainbow of colors…light visible on earth and light only visible in heavenly realms. These rainbow colors represent many things in each of us: call, anointing, skills, personality, compassion, all aspects of His nature working through us and in us to reveal the multitude of expressions and kingdom treasures we carry. In The Warrior Commission, this rainbow includes all colors on the spectrum and represents what we bring to the earth, together, as a unified part of the body of Christ.

Circulatory System of the Bride.
A a circulatory system we carry the lifeblood, healing, hydration and sustenance that flows from God. We are connected to God’s heartbeat and are sensitive to the ebbs and flows, moves and times of rest, of the Spirit. We are connected (and connect) each cell in the body of Christ. This means our Warrior Code of Honor is actively bringing life giving flow to each person, group and background. As we bring this flow to the body, our confident hope in Christ is shared. Our intercession and Intel make deposits and help exchange the things no longer needed for the limitless possibilities of life with God.

Transition Specialists
God brings transformation. True transformation only comes in the heart of the Father, through intimate connection with the Son and Holy Spirit. As someone embraces transformation, everything around them changes. They have changed and relationships must adjust. The transformation has to take root to become a new default in their lives. Direction may be changed. Life as they knew it may have dramatically shifted. Because we have embraced the transforming life that comes through passionate intimacy with our God, we understand those changes and can help others navigate their transitions well.

Map Makers of the New Era
As God continues to reveal the ground in this New Era, we have the honor of being placed firmly in the territory of this landscape. Our role is to help others transition into what this New Era brings as we continue to explore and draw spiritual maps of the land. Knowing the signposts and helping others discover them, helps them accelerate into their own exploration and further kingdom ground can be taken. We take turns exploring, pioneering, sharing and bringing the pieces of our map to the table. Together, we will form a more detailed picture of how God is moving and what He is releasing to share with each other and the rest of the Bride.