Changing Teams

Below is a description for our different teams and how you move from one to another.  The teams are set up on how you choose to train rather than from an idea of “advancing” from one to another.

New Member Team

Initially, you will be on the New Member Team for your first four months. When your four months are complete, the Director of New Members will notify you and place you on the Warrior Team.

Your name is listed on the Warrior Team Facebook page, so our current members can begin to get to know you.

There is nothing you need to change from the New Member Team to the Warrior Team, except read through the Warrior Team Guidebook and dive right into your new experience on Warrior Team.


Warrior Team

This team is comprised of members in Level 1 and members who have chosen to continue their Warrior Commission experience in a larger Warrior Team format.

There is no application necessary to join Warrior Team, nor to continue on it. You are automatically considered a part of Warrior Team unless you apply for Champions Team during the month of June after your Level 1 is completed.


Champions Training – Specialty Training Team

Champions Training is a year long training focus. Applications are reviewed every June during our “open enrollment month.”

You will need to have completed Level 1 with excellence to apply. Visit the Champion Training tab under the “Teams” section for more information.

Your Champions Training commitment is for 1 year. Once completed, additional areas of passion and development are available to be explored.

If there are gaps in your Champions Training involvement, we can assess what those are, what development is needed and what your best fit for placement will be. 

Can I change teams whenever I want to?

Champions Training to Warrior Team: Yes.

While we prefer you to complete your annual commitment to Champions Training, we understand that there may be reasons that require you to switch teams. If this occurs, discuss it with your Champions Training Coach and we can make the necessary arrangements.

Warrior Team to Champions Team: No

The opportunity to join Champions Training occurs once a year in June at this time. We realize that will mean that some members will have to wait until our open enrollment month. But we also understand that we are developing Warriors, not foot-soldiers. We trust our members to make the most of their Training and Intercession opportunities regardless of team placement.

Our Champions Training is designed so a group of members can build relationships and share their TWC journey together as a small mentoring group in light of the specific experiences that come through this training. The consistency of team members for a significant period of time is vital to that.