TWC Now & Beyond Blueprint

We created this Blueprint for our Warrior Tribe. As you will see, it is a real time experience of our Intel gathering process that we provide to Christian leaders in different “mountains of influence.” 

We started creating Blueprints in 2018. Our first was released in July of that year. Each one takes a minimum of 12 weeks and contains the collective wisdom of approximately 20+ Warriors. Each Warrior has up to three invitations to participate in the process each year. As you will discover, these Blueprints are in depth, extensive and, we believe, hold prophetic insight for years to come. 

We train to be good stewards of the prophetic, meaning we do not quickly read through our prophetic words and cast them aside. Instead, we see them as ongoing catalysts; mining their treasures until they are mined out and it’s season is complete. Through it, God upgrades our relationship with Him and others. Our heavenly mindsets, equipment, tools and strategies strengthen as we tap into God’s heart.