I have learned to ask powerful questions of who I am and who God is in moments of challenge. Adversity is a part of life. Finding the understanding of those questions is part of the discovery process. Through this exploration, many doors are opened and many positive internal shifts occur.

Difficulty used to overwhelm me and seemed so hard. Things changed, not through pretending or denial, but through perspective. The training I experienced in The Warrior Commission through the process of my growth opened the door to a better understanding of how to face adversity and turn it to my benefit.

Rather than problems, I see possibilities. Rather than beaten down, I feel lifted up.

I heard this quote from Graham Cooke, “Your identity is being formed whether you understand it or not, whether you are cooperating or not. Something is being formed all the time, either through your response or your non-response. All your circumstances are to establish something. If you don’t respond to them properly, then you establish something that you don’t really want to be known for.”

When adversity comes, I begin to practice rest and stillness to listen to God’s heart. Those God-led conversations open my heart to what I can embrace and release in those times. The identity statements of my life take root. Those identity statements of who I am and Whose I am act as ever present reminders of God’s love for me.

A new level of encouragement opens through my day–to-day walk. My life is to be lived and seeking out those opportunities in the midst of a trial is a breath of life. I become more steadfast and stable. My faith expands to new depths as I see God’s hand at work.

Overall, challenges will always be a part of the journey. I can react to my circumstances or I can respond out of what God is attempting to establish in my life. Partnering with Him radically shifts how I see my life and I realize that adversity is A-OK!

Christine Casten

 “God is my passion. TWC is my Tribe. My life is an amazing adventure as I explore possibilities and dream with God. I am a wife and best friend to John (26 years), mom to my college-aged kids, friend, mentor, teacher/trainer, business owner, speaker, strategist, pioneer and native Texan. I love visiting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to discover His heart. I love the process of growth and have great expectation for who each of us is becoming. My favorite thing is to see people soar in and through their relationship with God!
Christine serves as the Executive Director of The Warrior Commission (TWC): To find our more about Christine or to see about her coming to your meeting or event contact info4twc@gmail.com. 

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