How do we define our lives? At the end of the age we will stand before the Father and give an account of our decisions. This thought creates a sense of delight in some and fear in others. The sobering part of this expectation is always, “Did I do enough?” Yet, what if it is not about what you have done, but how you have lived? Passion is needed, required and necessary for us to live our lives fully and completely.

Over the years, I have found a works based focus in the Church at large. But, those doing the works are often harried, tired and weary. Even knowing God loves us for who we are, not what we do, they still struggle to move past a need to earn His love.

Works are an indicator of relationship with God, but they are not THE indicator of the strength of relationship with Him. The work is supposed to be an overflow of that relationship. Our walks are about learning to work FROM a place of passion with Him.

From a personal example, my journey saw my family and I go through several moves. Each time we would find a church and I would begin to “do the work” of serving in many different capacities. By the time we found we were going to move again, I did it with a sense of relief, thinking, “Oh, good! I get a chance to step back from this busy pace and rest a bit.”

Over time, God showed me how He loved my heart to serve, but also wanted me to understand what it was to serve Him. He took me into a two-year training ground where we still attended a local church, but He asked me not to serve in it through that season. He wanted to teach me the difference of serving from a place of passion rather than working hard.

As I moved through that season and beyond, I found how much easier it was to position myself in my areas of passion in Him. I found my capacity for “the work” actually increased, yet my rest and refreshing through it was never lost. I had deeper reserves to draw from and expanded delight as I walked the journey with Him (rather than for Him).

Passion is needed, required and necessary if we are to live a life of rest and refreshing. It is passion that points to our best fit and passion that sustains us in the challenges and delights of those places where we serve. But, more than anything, it is the passion of a refreshing life with Christ that will ultimately open us to the fullness of a life well lived and create a delightful expectation for what we get to share with Him at the end of the age.

More about Christine, Executive Director of The Warrior Commission (TWC):

“God is my passion. TWC is my tribe. My life is an amazing adventure as I explore possibilities and dream with God. I am a wife and best friend to John (25 years), mom to my college-aged kids, friend, mentor, teacher/trainer, business owner, speaker, strategist, pioneer and native Texan. I love visiting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to discover His heart for all we discuss. I love the process of growth and have great expectation for who each of us is becoming. My favorite thing is a problem, whether it is my own or someone else’s, because I love to discover the promise and provision God has waiting! To find our more about Christine or to see about her coming to your meeting or event, click here

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