What if the impact of your prayers had less to do with delivery style and more to do with the time you spent developing them?

We are a people of passion. We pray with momentum created through the desire to see change come and Kingdom ground taken.Through the years, The Warrior Commission has lifted up thousands of prayers. We have explored various approaches to create more impactful prayers.

Each of us is different. Some will deliver a prayer with great gusto, while another may speak it out more quietly. But, no matter the style of delivery, we have discovered impact comes through unifying behind a prayer developed from many different contributors.

You may wonder how we can tap into so many to create a consolidated focus, but we have discovered, through time with the Lord, puling together what people understand Him say and through personal development in hearing Him, it is easy to bring those voices together. We refine that information to design, or craft, prayers of impact.

Intercession is both a desire and an outcome in The Warrior Commission. We desire to see our prayers positivity effect change in our lives and the lives impacted through our prayer focuses. At the same time, we recognize our connection with God and our own development allows a greater intentionality toward our intercession.

For us, it is not enough to throw together a prayer. We want to mature the words, hone the language and ensure each statement we pray carries the weight of heavenly momentum behind it.

We learned a long time ago, confidence in who we are in Christ makes a big difference in how and what we pray. We merge the exploration of identity with further development in sensitivity to God’s leading. We combine the laser sharp focus of our maturing process with what it means to have resolve, resilience and purpose.

Through it all, we embrace the privilege to combine voices of many on a journey to deeper maturity into a place of laser sharp focus. We delight in taking what we learn and apply it to our intercession process. The process has made us rich and helped us discover how to develop prayers of impact.

Christine Casten
Executive Director of The Warrior Commission

 “God is my passion. TWC is my Tribe. My life is an amazing adventure as I explore possibilities and dream with God. I am a wife and best friend to John (26 years), mom to my college-aged kids, friend, mentor, teacher/trainer, business owner, speaker, strategist, pioneer and native Texan. I love visiting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to discover His heart. I love the process of growth and have great expectation for who each of us is becoming. My favorite thing is to see people soar in and through their relationship with God!
Christine serves as the Executive Director of The Warrior Commission (TWC): To find our more about Christine or to see about her coming to your meeting or event contact info4twc@gmail.com. 

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