We are warriors: steadfast, resolved, resilient. We intently focus on the Almighty Warrior who trains us to become more like the One we behold.

Many times, in The Warrior Commission, we talk about what it is to be warriors. So often, the description turns to what that means in our hearts…taking ground, transforming, effecting change. What it is to “be a Warrior” is much more than we can often put into words. Yet, something powerful takes place deep inside the hearts of each of us.

We are all drawn to train as warriors for many different reasons. We come from all over the globe. But, something holds us as we consider what it is for each one of us to be warriors and connect through a warrior heart.

Mindset, Perspectives, Language, Identity, and Intimate connection with our King. The depth of our transformation is about a heart change, so penetrating we are no longer the same. The ability to experience Kingdom moves us and sinks into the depths of all we are. We learn what it is to fiercely love.

It’s the difference between a stream and an aquifer. A stream bubbles along and provides refreshing, but when the drought comes, it may dry up. An aquifer pulls from many different water resources, existing in the deeper places of the earth and filling the cracks and crevices it covers. It is deep, cool and encompasses broad areas of land. The aquifer is not always seen or heard, but it exists and is a vital part of the ecosystem it supports.

What are the hearts of warriors? What makes the heart of a warrior beat strongly? What is its make-up and how does it remain steadfast and true? What makes the warrior’s heart like an aquifer?

The main answer can only be found in the Almighty Warrior we serve. Jesus is the One Who is worthy and right for us to model ourselves toward. He reveals what it is to war. Not a war typically fought in the seen and heard, but a battleground existing behind the scenes and unknown to most. The battleground of the spirit. We stand in our identity in Jesus as we learn more of the mind of Christ; our lifestyles worship and intercession.

In those places we find Him. He comes to us as fierce, loyal and true. He is our Champion, Defender, Advocate and Protector. We come to Him as humble, intent and passionate, placing our will in His trusted hands. We meet in the place of rest, a place of receiving, where we put “do” aside and only “be” in Him.

The battleground is ever present. Our wills are continually being asked to surrender to Jesus, moving us into a place of complete dependency. Can we? Will we trust Him when no one else sees? Do we serve when it doesn’t make sense to our logical minds or to those around us? Will we choose to remain in His heart when all others question who we are or what we are doing?

The warriors we are and are becoming have these qualities. We place everything before our Warrior King. Nothing is too challenging. Nothing is too precious. We offer all we are to Him and willingly give all we have been given to remain true.

Christine Casten
Executive Director of The Warrior Commission

Picture of Christine Casten, Executive Director of The Warrior Commission and founder of Radiant Ministries International
Christine Casten

More about Christine: “God is my passion. TWC is my tribe. My life is an amazing adventure as I explore possibilities and dream with God. I am a wife and best friend to John (20+ years), mom to my college-aged kids, friend, mentor, teacher/trainer, business owner, speaker, strategist, pioneer and native Texan. I love visiting with Father, Son and Holy Spirit to discover His heart for all we discuss. I love the process of growth and have great expectation for who each of us is becoming. My favorite thing is a problem, whether it is my own or someone else’s, because I love to discover the promise and provision God has waiting! To find our more about Christine or to see about her coming to your meeting or event, click here

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