Volunteer Opportunities

The Warrior Commission relies on our joyful volunteers to provide the best experience for all our members. The secret?  Our volunteers know even their volunteer roles bring more training. It just continues in new and unexpected ways. In many respects, volunteering is a way to activate in your training so it becomes more established in you. It also helps you explore and dream with God in that area.

Look through this list and contact our Member Services Administrator if you’d like to help. It helps if you have a background in it, but we are happy to train you if you don’t.

Our Member Services Administrator email is twc.memberservices@gmail.com

Social Media and Facebook Support – two roles

  1. Posting already created content and/or monitoring the page or pages on one or more social media accounts. This role can also include posting fun quotes from our members and/or initiating conversation on one or more social media pages #warriorquotetwc. This is for our Instagram, YouTube and public Facebook accounts.
  2. Graphic Design (would need experience) – Creating new content for our current or future social media pages or for use within TWC.

We have so much to share!  We would love to release our encouraging words from our Warriors in this amazing tribe with others in the social media world.

Blog writers – Contributors to our public blog posts.  This will include interactive training for your writing style and how to upgrade in this process.  Contact Christine.casten.twc@gmail.com for more information.

Publications – Creating or using current templates for our current or future publications.  Updating content, graphics and information for one or all of our monthly publications or specialty publications. Experience preferred in these areas…but if you are willing to learn…we are willing to try it out!

  • Constant Contact
  • PowerPoint
  • Other publishing formats

Transitioning Current Training and/or Past Articles to New Formats – We are always looking for ways to make our training modules and response journals more user friendly. We would love to have help in capturing articles in our older publications in a searchable format.

Product Design/Graphics Design – Design for informational materials, “leave behinds” and fun swag for our members or for connecting “pre-members” to The Warrior Commission.

Proofreaders – Previews and edits materials for accurate use of grammar and content. Corrects any grammatical errors in original copy.  The turnaround times are 2-4 days for most publications.

Gmail Administrators – Oversee, manage and/or organize email interactions with our members. We are looking for people who would like to help us keep up, organize and/or notify our coaches as emails come into our Gmail accounts. For more information, contact christine.casten.twc@gmail.com.

General Administrators – Assist in the background processes of membership administration, assisting coaches, inquiries, etc.

If you would like to help out in another area that is not currently listed, contact Christine at christine.casten.twc@gmail.com with your thoughts on how you can help and how you would like to add support to our community.