Warrior Buddy Information

Many of our TWC members want a small group of  like-minded running mates in a similar place of training to connect to in TWC. Having 2-4 others to regularly bounce ideas, story and journey off of helps in the accelerated process of our growth. We call these connections, “Warrior Buddies.”*

Connecting to someone like-minded and hungry for growth helps them in their own walk.  With our virtual community, a small group of 3-4 Warrior Commission members opens conversation and builds a sense of community.

The Warrior Commission is a training community who grow to have a lifestyle of intercession. But our training is relational and meant to be discussed. We value the “mindset of connection” needed to seek out others who want to chat about their process of upgrades, ideas to overcome mindset and perspective obstacles and just how God showed up!

A Mindset of Connection means finding a TWC Buddy begins with you! We rely on you to be proactive.  You recognize who might be in a similar time, season, training, area of passion, etc. as you are.  That means, you can private message those warriors or contact them through Facebook and see if they might be interested in connecting through Skype, FaceTime, etc.

TWC Buddies provide:

  • An opportunity to share experiences and encouragement in your Warrior processes.
  • An accelerant to growth in hearing the process of others.
  • A catalyst for new ideas and approaches to the TWC experience.

However, we suggest those participating frame the concept of TWC buddies in a way that accurately reflects the culture of TWC.  We all come from many different backgrounds and experiences, so this will give you a common foundation for this concept.

The most fulfilling and dynamic TWC buddy experiences typically reflect our common culture because they:

  • Look for possibilities, not problem solutions.
  • Share far more about what God is doing than what the enemy is attempting.
  • Focus on how God is developing our righteousness and identity, not our lack.
  • Look at our present in light of our future and promises, not our past.
  • Speak to who we are (and each other is) and is becoming, not focus on long recounts of our history or our past.
  • A buddy is an encourager, but not a counselor.
  • Prayer focus^ is geared toward The Warrior Commission, our leaders, Key Territories, and those receiving our prophetic Intel Blueprints.  We encourage personal intercession (prayers for you and those in your group) to remain your responsibility and part of your personal community outside of TWC.  See below for more explanation.


*Buddies are not an official TWC connection. TWC is not able to personally endorse a buddy who has signed up, nor is there formal structure or training involved in that process. TWC is not able to know the background of every individual in our community. With our virtual community, we are unable to develop personal relationships with every member and, therefore, are unable to endorse connecting in person. If you do wish to connect in person, we encourage you to operate with caution and wisdom. 

^ The encouragement in prayer focus may be a bit challenging, but those who have developed strong buddy relationships have said this understanding made a big difference in their personal progress in TWC:

The buddies that became geared toward a “prayer partners” relationship discovered early on that this quickly took focus off of the key reasons TWC was created – and why you joined:  See our Purpose.

Encouragement in TWC between each other is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore, encourage one another and build up one another, just as you are doing.”

Is there anything wrong with personal prayer partners, healing prayer ministry or counseling services? Absolutely not! We love those ministries. They are just geared toward the same target TWC hopes to hit with your personal growth. And as warriors, we understand how vital it is to stay focused on our primary assignments.

Our “Decisions That Define Us” often serves as a guide:

  • We have decided that we are looking for adventure, not rescue.
  • We have decided to be responsible for our own blessing, not relying on others to pull us along in our training and development. We value intentionality with freedom.
  • We have decided to live “present/future” lives, not “present-past.” Our lives are about who we are and are becoming, not who we have been or what we have done.
  • We have decided to life prophetically-inspired, not pastorally inclined lives. We are a visionary community, not a counseling service.

According to Veteran Buddy Experiences, here are some GREAT ways for you to connect with your buddy or any TWC group:

  • Come together prepared to participate in what God is doing in each of your lives.
  • Share insights, breakthroughs and discoveries that you are having. Celebrate these with each other.
  • Share the area of process you are in and then look together for who God is to you in it. How is it connecting to your TWC Training? Keeping in mind, it’s our daily experiences that are our training and proving ground for our learning.
  • If there are areas of challenge, speak God’s provision, promises, “insteads,” and opportunities. Have a list of each other’s Inheritance Word scriptures.
  • Encourage one another and rejoice in what God is doing and in what God is about to do.
  • Share your identity statements and have them with you during Buddy times because this is what you will be calling each other up into. Develop a “file on your friends” for your Buddy, which includes their identity statement, who God is for them and specific scripture of promise that goes with it.
  • Use every adversity as an opportunity to see something about the nature of God that you’ve not seen before.
  • Consider smaller groups of 3 (probably no more than 4) instead of just one buddy. Explore new connections periodically, while maintaining the buddies you have.

There are lots of veteran TWC champions who have traveled this road for several years now.  Our requests here are based on their experiences, of learning what was helpful… and what was not.

We’re excited for the possibilities of Warrior buddies in a TWC context.

THANK YOU for engaging in TWC with such enthusiasm. Have FUN with it! And enjoy the journey.