A Place Beyond…

As we come into TWC, we are drawn into the arms of Becoming the Beloved. For some this may be an entirely new concept, while for others perhaps something they have been searching for all their lives and can now put words to.

Like the Shulamite, as we continue to journey onwards, we are drawn deeper into that place of intimacy. It is not always an easy journey. We move forward, we step back; we move forward, we step back – a bit like the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore as the tide comes in. Yet gradually, we are drawn deeper into that place or worship and a richer level of communication, an awareness of majesty. Yet still, there is a place beyond!

This year the Lord has been uncovering this place for me, and it is called the Abiding in First Love. So, what is First Love? How do we define it? My thoughts go back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the fall. They had a relationship with Father God that was unparalleled. It is a place of outrageous joy and happiness. It is a place of outstanding trust and security. It is a place of child-like simplicity and creative beauty.

Am I there all the time? No! But now that I am aware of it, there are moments during the day when I find myself stopping, and simply be-ing. It is like a moment of eternity captured in time where everything is distilled into that one moment, where you become aware of rippling joy, echoing laughter, and a heightened awareness of place and colour and scent.

I am learning to capture these moments in words, in pictures so that when I look them over I recall once again something of their fragrance that lingers like perfume when you unstop a bottle. And this in turn, makes me look for the next moment, the next encounter when as the Beloved, with my Beloved, we explore His realm of wonder together.

‘My Beloved is mine, and I am His’.

Angie Taylor
Warrior Commission Member

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