“Living Fully Present”

There are things we cannot take with us when entering a new realm of the Spirit. Human existence has entered a New Era in history. During this transition, when the entire world is swirling with anticipation, we must grab hold of the hem of Jesus’ robe. We are on the verge of a great move by God. Acceleration reaches record speeds. As the layers of old peel off and fly away, it is essential to build the new. We are going where no one has gone before. To move with God and receive the new wine, new wineskins must be made; or the wineskins will not be able to hold all God has in store for us. 

So how do we build new wineskins? I have found a deep connection between surrender and trust. Uncertain times require an upgrade of faith to trust that God will do what He said He would do. As Warriors we are masters of receiving. Especially when in the day-to-day world it looks quite the opposite. There’s always a choice. The most precious gift God gave us is our free will. God is such a gentleman and never forces us. The choice to follow Him has always been an open invitation. When circumstances surrounding our lives look like a disaster, that’s when we get to ask our Father “What do you see?” 

When we live every day as an opportunity to understand our King more intimately, we see as He sees. Warriors know things are not what they seem. Champions bring forth joy and love to shift atmospheres. Together, we change the game. Staying connected to each other keeps us connected to His majesty. “Building new wine skins allow us to live fully present.” – Peter Roselle. In taking responsibility to intentionally build with God, it is a minute-by-minute, day-by-day experience of enjoying the beauty of living. We get to experience every morning as a new beginning by living with and focusing on the fullness of joy in His presence—every day practicing peace and rest, knowing Jesus is within us and all around us. Every evening we can give thanks for the precious gift of another day spent with our Creator. 

Intimacy is the key to positioning ourselves to receive what God has for us. As a community, knowing Him deeply allows us to see what is coming, to pull back our arrows and shoot our prayers into the earth, thus bringing heaven down. Living a life of continual upgrades, we birth the Christ from within into our present circumstances. It’s no longer enough to believe in future events , it has become essential to intentionally pull the future into now. I have discovered the Lord’s greatest pleasure is simply to be with us through each of the precious moments of our daily lives. Holy Spirit is more than thrilled to give us all we need to become masters of our personal experiences. Jesus really is our biggest cheerleader, champion, King and also our best friend!  When situations seem overwhelming, we can instead become overwhelmed by His majesty, over and over again, knowing, “The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd. I always have more than enough!” Psalm 23 TPT 

What area of your life is Jesus asking you to invite Him into? 

What is God asking you to let go of right now so He can become that in you?

by Natalie Timmerman