What if everything you need is already inside of you waiting to be explored?

What if you already possess the key to your next breakthrough?

Recently the Lord has been showing me the importance of journaling and keeping track of our life together. He has always taken the lead and led me to worshipping through my pen writing poems, prayers, songs or testimony. I’ve come to see the immeasurable value in keeping records of my story and journey.

I’ve learned to point my compass to the one my soul loves and in the deepest pain and trials, He changes me, rearranges my heart and sets my sails to the wind of His song. Living from a place of awe and eager expectation, knowing that the King is here, and He will never leave. He guides me along the path of righteousness and leads me beside still waters no matter what giants are in front of me.

When the storm is raging, and I’m knocked off balance, Jesus always comes to my rescue. He knows me better than anyone and is always thinking of clever ways to encourage me into my champion stance. The truth is so much stronger than deceit. Time and time again, when I’ve felt weak and weary, He scoops me up and places me on solid ground and I can feel the ease of His presence and warmth of His smile upon me. It ruins all anxiety and positions me in hope.

His timing is impeccable. Just recently a situation occurred that poked at my old nature. I felt ashamed at my behavior and thoughts were coming to me of being an imposter. My heart was really hurting, and I felt lost. Something prompted me to check my email and I had received my champion training feedback. I read through the encouraging response and then through my training and discovered a wealth of amazing treasure. God used my training to remind me of who I am. In times of great upheaval, it can be easy to forget, but Jesus, love, never fails to remind me.

God also uses what’s in front of me to encourage me throughout my journey. One day while reading to my kids, a line from Pooh’s Grand Adventure jumped off the page; “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Holy Spirit was bubbling with excitement for me to discover what that means for me. I was going through a season of doubt and in God’s incredible timing, He gave me just the thing I needed to believe in myself again.

So often Jesus is my biggest cheerleader prompting me to consider the joy set before me when trials come up. He is my prize and ever-present help in times of trouble. I get to become a full-time receiver of His love the more that I know that I know that He is my champion. My perspective changes from doubt into an ever-increasing joyful adventure of discovering the jewels in the journey.

By Natalie Timmerman
Warrior Commission Member

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