“Spiritual warriors give courage to people. They are refreshing to be around. They have that sense of being indomitable, impossible to subdue.” From Graham’s book: “Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior”

I love the line “…impossible to subdue” – reminds me of our good friend Duct Tape. Have you ever used Duct Tape? I’m sure you have, and perhaps some like me, have decided in a fit of last-resort-desperation, to use Duct Tape to secure something to an object that perhaps it was never meant to be secured to. Seriously, I’ve been alive for (ERROR) years, and I don’t think I have EVER used Duct Tape for it’s originally intended purpose. I mean really, who has even SEEN a duct recently? However, over my years since the Jurassic, I have utilized duct tape for enough things to fill a book. I’ve even re-bound a book with it!

Let’s fast-forward to this morning, when in the wrestling with Papa over writing on fearlessness today, I decided to replace an old, ratty storage envelope on the side of my fridge with a new one. A simple task, peel off the old envelope taped to the fridge, and replace with a new envelope recently received in love. Oh wait, I taped that envelope to the fridge with duct tape …six years ago. Poop. I peel off the old envelope, and Duct Tape gloriously and fearlessly declares to me: “Aha! You thought I was going to be removed so easily! I shall smite the side of your fridge with my sticky residue forever! Hahaha! Look at me – fearless Duct Tape of All Things Sticky – I challenge you!” Great. Tape is talking to me on a Saturday morning, and I’m okay with it. Seriously need to inspect this new coffee I’m drinking.

So, as I spent time arming myself with elbow grease and a host of removal accoutrements, Papa began to speak: “Son, I’ve made you My Prisoner of Hope.” Wait a minute, Your prisoner? Then His glorious download began – with duct tape residue removal just being my humorous background music. I am His extremely tenacious, steadfast, unwavering, over-the-top-and-then-some optimist of the Kingdom, and in that identity lies the root of being His Prisoner of Hope – fearlessness.

Suddenly, the lights went on in my head (heart was aligned for months, but hey, it’s a praw-cess), and I saw a new depth to my identity. His gifts of optimism and hope planted within me through intimacy, arms me with fearlessness. When I ponder things that been unfolding since the Expectation conference (cough – okay, okay, Anaheim 2016), I realize the significant lack of fear in them. Yet the times I have boldly stepped into my identities of optimism and love are countless. Intimacy with God releases His love into our lives in ever-increasing measure, which in turn dissolves and supplants fear. Ya-hoo!

Get out there and stick your identity on something, leave Heaven’s residue behind in your every footprint. Be a sticky warrior, fearless before your King.

Kern Pegg
Warrior Commission Member

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