Have you ever felt you have given everything you have to give? It’s in those seasons we can feel depleted and have nothing more to pour out. This is when God dedicates Himself to building our spiritual capacity for carrying His nature as deeper wells of wisdom, hope, and joy are dug. 

Deeper wells of wisdom: As children of the Lord, the wisdom of God is granted to us. It’s a gift from Holy Spirit matched with our own experiences of life. In seasons where everything is poured out, we also find God takes those moments to dig deeper wells within us. We learn God is God and we are not. We learn to lean close to Him so we can find the understanding and strategy for this season and embrace His preparation for the seasons to come. 

Deeper wells of hope: Hope is a powerful thing. Even when only a glimmer of hope exists, we can find the resilience needed to stand when we have fallen. Hope helps us see beyond the difficulty of any situation to a better, if different, tomorrow. Hope takes our eyes off the trials of this moment to look for how God is moving in and around us. 

Deeper wells of joy: In times when we have nothing left to give, joy is often difficult to find. It seems hidden and fleeting, more like the way happiness comes and goes. We tend to be more self-focused as we give, grieve, heal, and recover from our depleted state. Joy is never gone. God promises our joy is full, even if we have trouble feeling it in that moment. He will fulfill our hope to experience the joy of the Lord again. He will turn our mourning to joy because His promises are “yes and amen.”

Spiritual capacity is built through times of adversity. It’s God’s opposite and how He moves to not only counter our trials but helps us become more than overcomers. Someone who is more than an overcomer is someone who not only prevails against a battle but who also gains the compassion to help others surmount their own similar battles.  

In The Warrior Commission, we call these people Champions. To us, a Champion is someone who becomes a seasoned warrior through the battlegrounds of life to the extent that they are able to raise up others around them. We train to call up the Champion in all our Warriors.

Greater spiritual capacity always includes expanded compassion. Compassion always carries the nature of God. It is confident, steadfast, wise, good, kind, hopeful, and joyful, among other things.  

If you feel you have given everything you have to give, know God is building your spiritual capacity in this season. It’s His promise to expand your capacity to carry His nature to the hearts of others. Even though this time may feel as if you have nothing more to give, you have huge wells God is about to fill with the wisdom, hope and joy for you – the delight of His heart.